Do you like Martial Arts films?


I haven’t actually watched any martial arts movies since I was a kid, with the exception of Crouching TIger - Hidden Dragon. So my favorites are Drunken Master, Enter the Dragon etc.


Oh sick, an old thread I can revive for no reason.

Slightly on topic, but edX has a free college course called Hong Kong Cinema Through a Global Lens that some of you might find interesting. It was crafted by Hong Kong University and is super engaging. I took it earlier this year and it motivated me to engage in more film studies. Obviously, the entire course isn’t centered on martial arts, but there’s a good chunk based around Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee that was pretty cool and insightful.


So I rewatched Hero pretty recently. I loved it the first time, but after rewatching, I realized that I had really complicated feelings about the ending. That I was incredibly uncomfortable with the idea of erasing cultures in the name of prosperity.


Yeah there is a lot of stuff like that in Chinese movies after Hong Kong stopped being the main producer of them.