Do you like video games... on weed?


So I was listening to an episode of Fave This a little while back when Gita and Patricia casually mentioned that they enjoy gaming while consuming marijuana. It got me thinking why this wasn’t something that is seriously discussed in gaming communities. I regularly partake in pot while I game and find it to be a great way to unwind from the stresses of life, and quite a bit of people in my social circle do as well. Yet, whenever it’s brought up in online discussion, it always seems to be in the context of “420 no scope” jokes n dokes. So I ask you, Waypoint community, do you enjoy mixing ganja with gaming? How does it heighten or detract from your experience?

For me it helps my mind slow down and enjoy the scenery. I become more inquisitive of the digital space I’m in, of the art, music, and what the environment is meant to convey. It also helps reduce my content completionist tendency and the anxiety that I should be doing something “more productive” with my time. Of course, the strain I’m consuming and my current mind state are also factors, but in general it makes me a more contemplative and experiential player than I would be otherwise.


I agree, I’ll often notice subtleties in game sound tracks that I’ve never noticed before.

Personally, getting high amd playing a game becomes a meditative experience. It’s often at these times that I’ll quite happily lose hours to content I’d pass over normally. Fetch quests in particular are something that I’ll quite quite happily run dozens of while high, ordinarily I’d pass them over in favour of advancing the story.


cliffy b: dabs
miyamoto: used to burn one, no more though
warren spector: absolutely blazes
kojima: straightedge
tim schafer: daily chiefer
todd howard: edibles on weekends
sid meier: blows clouds once a month
will wright: burns trees like a damn wildfire baby
peter molyneux: also straightedge
john carmack: doses DMT
john romero: chillest nug roaster


I haven’t figured out a time to smoke in my current life schedule but I used to love getting high and playing games. Especially with friends. We could really get immersed in the world. PaRappa the Rapper was one of my all time favorites to play with friends, that weird world and the swirling beats and rhymes totally engulfed my reality.


Aesthetically I can totally see PaRappa being an excellent game for this sort of thing, but boy was that game hard enough to beat sober!


I like to play a little game I call No Man’s High. Great way to get lost in the middle of actual nowhere.


Weed threads seem to get closed down on this site and other sites, which is why you don’t see as much discussion. I imagine this thread will be closed when the mods wake up.

I generally don’t get high when I’m playing a new game for the first time because I want to learn the systems and develop my skills at a reasonable pace that weed just doesn’t allow for. But once I’m deep into a game or replaying a game I’ve already beaten, weed can certainly enhance the experience. Personal favorite of mine is Katamari Damacy. Great music, wacky visuals, and a simple yet novel control scheme is a great pairing for intoxicated gaming.


I live in Washington, and prior to legalization was a mixture of too young, or too disinterested to really partake in weed. Which is to say, a massive supermajority of my time with games has been stone cold sober. Over the past few years, I’ve taken some opportunities as social environment or circumstance provided opportunity for inebriation while gaming, and I completely get the appeal.

I was with friends, one stoned, one sober, while playing through The Taken King campaign in Destiny one, and, it was one of very few times in Destiny that I stopped just sprinting towards the newest minimap objective. I’d stop on a ridge, and just watch ships fly in/out, massive explosions, cinematic moments, that upon stopping and watching them I realized I’d been missing, functionally if not actually, for years.

I think that revelation was an important one for how I’ve chosen to consume games since. I don’t know that I need or even want to be high while playing games in general. (Not that I see an issue with, or would even discourage it if you have the means/desire.)

There are plenty of games I refuse to play high or drunk. Most competitive games, nope. I can, even in the moment, look at my reaction times/accuracy and know “Okay, I lost that because my reaction times are like a third the speed, being generous.”

I’ve… weirdly, perhaps, been very adverse to the phrasing (and apologies, this isn’t meant as a personal attack, as I see it mentioned in this thread, but it always comes up) “enhances the experience.” Because… it really just… doesn’t? At least in my experience? It hasn’t altered the experience, it’s altered how I’ve interacted with the experience, which has helped me notice more things, and get a greater appreciation for what’s being offered by the artists/designers/developers/musicians/artists. I’ll stop to watch that scene, instead of sprinting through it and lining up my next headshot. It doesn’t make the game better, it makes me better at slowing down and taking in everything the game has always been.

Also, yes, while I don’t know where the servers are located, or specifics of hosting illegal content, I’d anticipate a closure/deletion of this thread in short order. While my weed consumption has all fallen into the legal realm, most forums won’t, don’t, and probably shouldn’t, deal with legal consequences of discussions of illegal activities, regardless of actual specific legalities being discussed. Policing such specifics of where/when, what state, etc. etc. of every post is just more than is reasonable.

Who knows, maybe in a few years this can be an interesting discussion though.


I get that it’s imprecise language usage by saying weed enhances an experience, but I do think when people say that they mean it helps them appreciate the experience more. Like your example with Destiny, it helped you pay attention to aspects you otherwise wouldn’t.


Haven’t been high in a long time but i remember not enjoying it. My motor coordination would be so bad that i’d have a much harder time playing anything with action.


Never been high, and my current workplace has a pretty strict no smoking/vaping policy.


I rarely get high anymore, mostly because I don’t have a reliable way to get it anymore, but back when I did smoke a lot I played a lot of video games. I like to play a lot of older games when I’m high, like SNES, PS1 and PS2 games. Don’t know why but smoking cannnabis gets me feeling very nostalgic.

In particular I remember playing Little Big Adventure 2 a lot when completely stoned, not knowing how to solve any of the puzzles but just enjoying running around the world. That game is so atmospheric.


I smoke a lot of the time when I’m playing games since I’m doing it to relax anyway. Some types of games benefit from it a lot I find, but other types of games become pretty much unplayable.

Mixing weed with Soulsborne games makes me really enjoy the mysterious visual storytelling, and cuts down on the frustration from defeat in those games. Replaying classic games is also good because there is no longer a learning curve and dry tutorials are short, skippable or non-existent for the most part.

I love immersive sims but there’s no way I can play something like Dishonored high. I’m way less strategic and will find myself hiding on a ledge overthinking things for minutes, afraid to engage the enemies, especially since I like playing non-violently.

I also am bad at competitive Overwatch while high because I am pretty much unable to talk and fight at the same time.


To this day I have no idea how those dudes on Halo2 with dozens of weed references in their gamertags managed to be so good because I get nauseous just thinking about playing a competitive game if I’m high.


I knew this dude in my first year of university who would get thoroughly stoned and then reach a zen state in Halo 3 multiplayer. It must be tied into how one’s subjective perception of the passage of time slows down while high.


Personally, when I smoke I’m better able to continually focus on the main task in front of me, rather than enter into autopilot and allow my mind to wander to other subjects. It’s not conducive for trying to learn something, but it can be greatly beneficial for focusing on executing something that I’m already deeply familiar with.


It’s not for me. I can see the appeal but weed usually makes me dense and unfocussed and I much more enjoy to lie down, listen to calm music and talk quasi-philosophical bullcrap XD Gaming just doesn’t mix well with it.


Like I guess I get this but if I’m chasing after one target and someone blindsides me I just keep running forward like those decoys you got in Halo 4 until I’m gunned down.


Nice try, cop.

In all seriousness though? Nah, not really. Weed takes like, effort and knowing people if it’s not legal where you’re at, and I’m lazy.


Just go out into the streets and scream, “I need weed!”. 50/50 chance someone helps you out.