Do you miss Be Good and Rewatch It? [Share your General Media Criticism Podcasts!]

I know we still have Waypoints, but sometimes it can be nice to have a podcast that is reliably focused on movies/TV, or novels, or music, or any other media topic!

I’m putting this topic in the workshop because the podcast I have to offer is one that I helped to produce. It’s called BlockbustHers, and it is a film discussion podcast hosted by two gal pals who love movies and criticism. All of the movies are directed by folks who, as far as our research suggests, use she/her pronouns or identify as women.

We’ve been on hiatus for a few years now, but we are planning a comeback with season two this year so I thought I would offer up season one for anyone really longing for some loosely structured critique of random movies.

Ep 02 Mira Nair- Monsoon Wedding (2001) contains discussion of the non-consensual sexual acts alluded to in that film, but most of that conversation was excerpted to a separate file (Ep 2.5)
Ep 05 Jennifer Kent- The Babadook (2014) contains discussion of death and grief and depression and violent children
Also: The hosts often drink wine during recording and may talk about that

You can find it on iTunes by searching “blockbusthers” or you can download it or grab an RSS feed on podbean:
We also have a twitter: @blockbusthers

Please add to this thread with any other media crit podcasts you like! Whether you made them or not!

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Two that might be obvious to Waypoint fans but I enjoyed recently are:

One Song Only: Kanye West Song Ranking podcast, featuring Waypoint’s Austin Walker and some of his friends from his roleplaying podcasts. Unfortunately it’s been on hiatus for a year or so but the current episodes are good!

All Systems Goku: Dragonball Z (Kai) watched for the first time by Giant Bomb’s Jeff Gerstmann and Dan Ryckert, who previously had dismissed it as anime garbage, but after being intrigued by the good FighterZ game recently, they tried it out. Spoiler alert (not really): it turns out that as fans of professional wrestling and goofy video games like Metal Gear, this was exactly their kind of show all along.


My two best friends and myself do a video game book club called Bad Playstyle. It’s like Waypoint 101 but not nearly as clever crit but we publish way more often.

We have a back catalog of more than 40 episodes that can be found at or

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I really enjoy the Bechdel Cast! It’s a podcast where they watch movies and see if they pass the Bechdel Test. Obviously the test isn’t perfect, but it’s a great podcast!

I recommend the episodes on Her, Fight Club, and Blade Runner

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Let’s Watch 2 Movies: Co-hosted by Maddy Myers and Mary Ellen. I particularly recommend their Dark Knight review because they give it a delightful scoffing; or their 3 part, 7 hour Fury Road review.


Blank Check with Griffin Newman and David Simms is a fantastic movie podcast that focuses on filmographies and directors, focusing on Directors who had major early career success resulting in being granted a series of “blank checks” and whether or not they clear or bounce (baby)

It originally started out as a Star Wars episode one podcast, where they would deliberately watch as if it was indeed the first and only star wars movie to try and figure out: What is Star Wars: The Phantom Menace actually about.

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I second the Let’s Watch Two Movies rec, Gita Jackson shouted them out on Twitter and I was totally hooked. I personally love the “The Departed”/“Good Will Hunting” combo most, it’s great.


Oof, I love the Departed and I can already tell I’m gonna have a RIDE listening to this discussion.

Here we goooo!

To be fair, I haven’t seen it since college maybe…

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I love Kermode’s voice in film criticism, and it looks like he has a podcast where he interviews stars about their current projects.

My friends Sarah Shay and Strangely Dusberg, who are in their other job musicians in Seattle, have a show called “Pilot House Podcast” where they watch TV shows and determine if the pilot of a show does the job it’s supposed to, which is to make you watch more of the show. It’s quite good:

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