Do You Play Multiple Games Simultaneously?


Something I have noticed about myself since getting a Switch is that I have developed the frustrating habit of trying to play multiple games at the same time. Currently, I am hopelessly flopping between Baba is You, Final Fantasy 7, and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. I am having fun playing all of these games but I am not, you know, actually progressing that much in any. A puzzle stumps me in Baba is You and, rather than think through it, I do a little bit of FF7 and when something about that game inconveniences me it is over to something else (maybe a round of Into the Breach). The weird thing about my habits are I am well aware that I have more limited free time than I have ever had in my life, and limited funds, so in order to actually beat any game I have to sit down and focus on it and buying games for the thrill of buying games isn’t always an option. I know what I am doing is counterproductive and yet when I saw a copy of MHGU for real cheap on Craigslist I got it because “what a deal.” That and during the years when I only owned a 3DS I was very very good about focusing on one game at a time; I would not buy a new game until I beat the one I was playing; I did not deviate from what I was playing unless I absolutely loathed it; etc.

Games are, admittedly, about the fun you have playing them and I am definitely having fun having so many options at my fingertips but, you know, it would be nice to regain some focus as well.

Do folks find their selves in similar situations? Do you impose rules upon your buying and playing habits? How do you manage? Do you manage?


One single player game and one or two multiplayer games is my typical setup. Right now it’s Sekiro, Apex, and For Honor.


I do have a bit of tunnel vision when there’s a new game that I really like, but the main clash is when there are two games of the same style that are similar but different. For example, on the Wii U I had Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta at around the same time, and as button mashing action games with slightly different control setups I just couldn’t handle switching between them. I have a similar problem with e.g. Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings II.

There are also games that I just sporadically go back to even when something else is concurrently going on. Like, I suspect I’ll be randomly turning on Tetris 99 all year.

As far as literally simultaneously, I have checked on phone games like Pokémon GO while playing other games lol.


I usually find myself playing one to two games at a time, and I think for me it’s more about what the games offer. For example, my main game for the last few weeks has been Sekiro, but if I want to just relax at the end of the day, I’ve been turning to Baba is You. And then on top of those, I’ve been playing Sea of Thieves once every two-three weeks with my brother since that game came initially launched. We live in separate states, so that game is just a good way for us to chill and catch up on things while sailing around and digging up treasure.

I don’t usually play two games that fill the same role at the same time. It’s usually one main/bigger game, one game to relax to, and one online multiplayer game I can play with my brother.


I think a lot of the excitement of a game is in the discovery of it. So if I put a game down for a while to play something else, I have a hard time going back to it. Because it may be fun, but it’s not as exciting. And I kinda need that initial buildup of momentum to actually get me to the end of a game when I feel like I’ve more or less figured it out.


In order to counter my habit of starting new games instead of finishing ones I’ve started, I have a folder on my PC desktop just called “now,” which contains shortcuts for only the games I’m currently in the middle of. It has 8 games at the moment including a giant RPG and a giant strategy game, so that’s going well. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

With Baba Is You specifically, as well as other difficult puzzle games, I’ve found it’s better to multitask than try to bash through the hard parts. If I can poke at a puzzle enough to have its structure in my head and I’m still not seeing any promising approaches, I’ll usually quit and let it bubble in my brain while I do other things or even play other games. Usually by the time I come back to it I’ll have thought of a new approach.


I wish you the best of luck in getting through these games and, selfishly, thank you for making me realizing I am not in this dire situation just yet.


It’s been world of warcraft +X (and sometimes +Y too) for the past uh…too many years.


I absolutely play multiple games at the same time. I think it comes from how I played during my childhood. Whenever I got a new game, I would play through it slowly, given that it could be a while before I got any more. And if I was fortunate to get multiple games at once, that meant switching back and forth playing chunks of each at a time.

Now, I buy my own games and can control when I get new ones, but my habits of playing multiple at a time haven’t really changed. And with work and all and having less time overall to play, it takes me longer to finish things. I’ll pick up games at launch and dabble with 'em to be part of the conversation (and with the intent to finish them), but then something else I’ve been eyeing comes out and I wanna check it out too.

I will finish some (usually smaller sitting) in one or two sittings, but longer games, RPGs, open world games, etc. I tend to play over the course of many months, meaning I’ll also be playing a bunch of other things over that course of time. At any given time, I’ll be “focused” on a couple (read: maybe around 5 or so) games with a combination of evergreen games, multiplayer games, single player/narrative heavy games, and maybe a handheld title or two. And while I’ll be “focused” on those, I have many more games that I know I’m in the middle of and eventually wanna go back to finish.

Right now I’m currently playing Warframe, Apex, Sekiro, Smash Ultimate, and hopping in and out of Anthem (and MK11 is right around the corner :grimacing:), and I have like another 10 or so games in the back of my mind that I need to eventually go back to and finish (and another infinite amount in my backlog that I need to start :sweat_smile:).


I switch a lot, especially when I have a long game on my plate I need breaks from here and there. Sometimes I’ll get completely sucked in, like with the Mass Effect trilogy and Pillars of Eternity, but sometimes I juggle if a long game is too monotonous (for example, I’m balancing Sleeping Dogs with Vampire and Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, plus one game I’m playing for review).


I be ADD as shit, so what I feel like playing changes by the day. It also determined by which friend group I’m playing with because some like Madden, some 2k, some Sea of Thieves, some Rocket League, and some Apex. And that’s not even taking into account which single player campaigns I’m fitting in so yeah, it’s a cluster.


I actually do balance multiple games, like anywhere from 3 to 9 at a time, but I spend more time on the games I’m enjoying more and/or closer to finishing. I just feel more comfortable having plenty of options on my plate and getting to whittle down each of them incrementally. Restricting myself to one game tends to leave me feeling bored and, ironically enough, unfocused.


I usually have one big strategy game on the go, one “comfort game” to play when I just don’t want to be challenged, and one or two games I’m trying to beat. Then when I get a window where I can actually play something, I pick one.

I’m not at all strict with myself about this, but time is always a factor so I tend to focus on what makes me feel relaxed (if I’m tired) or what excites me (if I’m not).

I’ve become a little awed and mystified by people who can beat a game in the same week they buy it :slight_smile:


I’m incapable of juggling more than one game per, like, segment of usable time (sitting in front of tv/computer, handheld game device, and phone) at once. I’m pretty sure it’s the ADHD, but I hyperfixate on whatever I’m playing a time, and I can’t use that…assigned segment type??? for any other games without it becoming the new fixation and losing interest in what I was playing there last.

So I either deeply focus on one game, or I bounce from game to game for a while until something really sticks - though sometimes there’s multiple of these cycles going on at once.


I usually don’t but right now I’m playing Mario vs. Rabbids and Diablo 3 on Switch as well as Metro Exodus, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and Dangerous Driving on PC. However I imagine I will finish with several of them soon. Normally I buy large, open world PC games and power through them, but have been in a bit of a drought lately.


I usually don’t, but since I’ve gotten into Smash Ultimate I’ve been practicing it lots at home whole playing indie games (Donut County, Night im the Woods) on the train. When my semester is over I’ll probably practice Smash 2-3x per week and slowly chip away at Sekiro.


I’m almost constantly juggling half a dozen games, but mostly it’s old stuff I’ve already played that I’m replaying. When it comes to new games I’m playing for the first time, usually one game per genre is where I max out, with maybe three games total to jump between.

For instance, I’ve been itching to play Mother 3 for the first time very soon, but I was in the middle of Final Fantasy 6 and I wanted to get that out of the way first. Plans changed, and after I finished FF6, I played Pokemon: Fire Red (I had Let’s Go fever) and now that I’m done with that, I’m in the opening hours of A Link Between Worlds, which I’m counting as an RPG in this scenario.

But I’d never juggle multiple RPGs at once.