Do you play with an inverted Y-Axis?


I need to know. I do, and everyone makes fun of me for it. What’s your ideal camera setup in games, waypoint?

  • Inverted Y-Axis
  • “NORMAL” Y-Axis

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Used to play inverted but went PC for 3 years then when I picked up a controller again I was freed from the curse


Inverted Y-Axis is obviously better

Like, don’t even fucking joke around with this “normal” Y-Axis


I know one person who does this. She is very bad at video games.


No, but I stand firmly behind “Natural Scrolling” on MacOS.


I can’t get on the inverted train. My pal is a pilot and explained it as lifting your head up and down but NOPE


Yeah, see, my dad cursed me with this knowledge when I was very young and it’s just the only way I can comprehend first-person games at all now.


the only thing I tolerate inverted axes on is two-wheeled vehicles, because counter-steering is god

but that’s a bit different because you’re leaning into the turn while pushing the handlebars wrong in order to affect the direction of travel of a ground vehicle

and yes it totally works on bicycles over ~15 mph, though it’s more effective on motos


I think I’ve always had to have the axes together. My brain just operates by thinking about the joystick as moving relative to the camera position. If right moves right, down should move down, as I’m moving the cursor, and not a position behind my character. If right moves left, then I’m yawing the camera around behind the character, and moving it down should pitch up.

If that makes sense? I could just never get used to one axis on it’s own inverted. Closest would probably be the “Legacy” controls on Bungie games, which tries to replicate single-stick games of old, where the separation is already there to some extent.


I’m a “normal” but I’ve had it explained to me why the other makes just as much sense and I accept you. Brains are fun.

I also think it’s really crappy that some games have apparently come out recently in which you can’t choose to selectively invert one axis but not the other. I know that’s got to be a super easy thing to add.




It isn’t that uncommon, think of camera controls in like… almost every third person action game you’ve probably ever played.


I have hit that fourth brain on the brain meme


I’m a weirdo inverted y-axis guy and I refuse to ever change. UP IS DOWN AND DOWN IS UP.

I just point to Vinny Caravella whenever someone criticizes me. Everyone loves Vinny, and he plays inverted. QED.


My Y stays inverted. I believe it started in Halo: CE for me and I’ve just always preferred it since. I think it stuck because then no one wanted to switch controllers with me and I got more play time in multiplayer games where we would have a large group switching off per death.


I think what I prefer is: “normal” y-axis for most things but then inverted for controlling vehicles like spaceships or underwater and not on a flat plane.


I’m full “normal” y-axis now thanks to playing a few things that didn’t allow inverting, but for years it depended on the game. Inverted for first person or in-vehicle camera, because I thought of it as controlling the tilt and twist of the character’s upper torso, and uninverted for 3rd person or eye in the sky cameras.


Inverted is better.


Ye console, no PC.

My mouse moves up when I push it forward/away and has since the 1980s and GEM Desktop. When I learnt to mouselook in Quake 1 (after playing the game solo without, multiplayer LANs forced any of us keyboard people to learn the mouse to compete). When I mouse then I’m thinking of it pushing around my eyes as if my gaze was a cursor.

But my joystick always looked up (Wing Commander 1 possibly the first game I had a joystick for? Don’t think I was playing much on microcomputers with joystick controls before that - certainly not in 3D) when I pulled back and so do my controls when miniaturised to a joypad stick. I definitely think of that as controlling my neck - when my thumb pulls it back in an arc then I look up.


Inverted, always. My character is always a plane.