Do you Premium/Patreon/Kickstart/other?

Just wondering what people spend their hard earned pennies on, if anything, when it comes to backing things or getting extra content. I have found my “spare” cash to have been drastically reduced with the introduction of my firstborn, so sadly did not renew my GiantBomb Premium when it was up for renewal a few months back, after having had that since they launched it (the decision made slightly easier by the fact I struggle to find time to listen to both their podcasts as well as the Waypoint ones each week, let alone any of the video content they do).

I have never actually backed anything on Kickstarter, but I do contribute on Patreon to a video games series called Consolevania (one of the guys, Rab, writes for Waypoint/Vice UK, and also a small amount to a Fantasy NHL podcast.

Do we have lots of “backers” on here? Or Premium members of GB (or other sites)? Intrigued as to how many of us put cash into parts of the industry outside of buying games.

I try to support creators that do stuff that I find interesting, especially if they are in need of money to be able to continue doing their work. I have been a GB Premium member since the beginning as well, still have my original shirt to show for it! It was (and is) hard to justify from the amount of actual premium content I consume (stopped listening to podcasts, mostly watch Quick Looks, barely ever get to see the livestreams outside of E3), but I still feel that it is important to show that paid content can work on the Internet.

I’m also a recurring donor to Radiotopia and was a backer in all of their Kickstarter campaigns for the same reason. The coins are a cool bonus, too. My (very humble) Patreon pledges currently go to Critical Distance, Zainab Akhtar (Comics & Cola / Shortbox), and Retronauts. I was also looking to support the Video Game History Foundation (because their mission is so important), but I set myself a strict budget for pledges and it’s currently exhausted.

I was super into Kickstarter very early on and backed a bunch of cool projects back then, but have fallen off. What I really liked about the projects back then was that you could not expect to get anything in return other than a thank you note, maybe. I backed a photographer who did a series called “A Portrait of America Left Behind” and that probably still is my favorite Kickstarter I ever backed. I got a few small prints out of that and they are very beautiful, but mostly my $15 helped someone do an art project that was really important to them. I like that thought.

GB Premium, Idle Thumbs, Consolevania, Cloth Map. It’s money well spent if you can afford it, whatever you’re supporting.

GB Premium - Their back log is great and their current shows are really fun to watch.
Cloth May - Drew traveling around the world to see how other people play base on their culture is existing to see.
Jim Sterling - He may be hard on a lot of things in the industry but he willing to dig and he honest for the right reason and willing to own up to things if he’s off. Critical to both companies and fan bases.

Praey for the Gods - Looks real interesting as a fan of SoC.
Skip Beat! - Anime looks cool but what I wanted most was the behind the scene about anime dubbing production.

I’ve been GB Premium since 2013 or so, and that’s just a no-brainer given how often their #content is just playing at my desk; even if I’m not paying attention.

That’s kind of it right now. I can think of so many creators I’d like to be supporting on Patreon- but whenever I feel like I’ve got room financially, something else ends up seeming more pressing :\ I feel kinda crummy about it, I’d like to get more organized and set a little aside for that kind of thing.

As for Kickstarter…the last things I can remember backing were FTL and the Feminist Frequency series back in like, 2012 or whenever that was.

I’ve thrown in money to a few friends’ Kickstarters over the years when I could afford it, but largely I don’t have much to spend, so I don’t contribute to many. I have my own Patreon (for supporting my Youtube channel, indie games, etc.), which literally says right on it “If you can’t pledge, I understand. If I had money, I wouldn’t need a Patreon.”

My kickstarter profile says I’ve helped kickstart 73 projects. WILD. I also contribute to a few patreons.

GB Premium of course.


When i start my new job and re-adjust finances ill find some change in there for Cloth Map too. To be perfectly honest i would do both NoClip and Clothmap just to get the Shift+F1 podcast.

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I’m a patron of Duckfeed and access to that Slack alone has been worth the money, to say nothing of the bonus episodes! It’s the other super positive and supportive gaming-adjacent internet community that I found.

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For artists that I really like, I’m happy to back upcoming albums, assuming they choose to crowdfund. E.g. I’ve paid in advance for the last two sleepmakeswaves albums on Pozible, backed an Iska Dhaaf album on PledgeMusic, a Kishi Bashi album on Kickstarter, etc.

For games, I usually will only do Early Access. Amplitude is the only game I’ve ever successfully backed; I’d put a fair amount in for Rock Band 4 on PC, but that only got about half way to its goal on Fig.

As for subscription services, just GB Premium and a Patreon pledge for Clothmap.

GB Premium is easily the best value to me, though. I’d happily pay $25/mo for the amount of stuff they put out.

GB Premium, Cloth Map, and motor trend on demand at the moment

i also do a few patreons to support my friends

Yeah, been GB Premium since a year after it launched (when I actually started having money I could spend on stuff), I support NoClip on Patreon and I subscribe to 5 or 6 different Twitch channels that I watch frequently. I’ve only ever backed one Kickstarter (Children of Zodiarcs).

I tend to not jump in straight at the launch of a product but after a couple of months of seeing what they’re offering (though in the case of most of my Twitch subs that’s meant as soon as they got the sub button as I’d been watching them for a while prior either on Twitch or from YouTube).

I definitely love to support the work of creators I really enjoy. I’m not too fussed about losing ads for it, but if I can provide a more sustainable, reliable revenue stream for the people who keep me entertained then I’m all for it.

Oh sweet. I literally just started backing those guys yesterday. Bonfireside Chat and Watch Out For Fireballs are my jam. I’m looking forward to getting into that community.

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I have been doing GB premium for a long time almost the beginning. Also support 4 patreons. Level with Emily Reese that is a podcast about game audio. She used to do a podcast called Top Score (you should totally listen to those too) when she worked at Minnesota Public Radio which was the same thing. She interviews composers, voice actors/actresses, audio directors, and sound designers. It is super rad. Support Noclip and generation 16 as well. I guess most people know noclip, if not that is video game documentaries done by Danny O’Dwyer. Generation 16 is a chronological look at the releases of the sega genesis/mega drive done by a former EGM writer/editor. This is really easy to support because you only pay when he puts out a video which is like 2 times a year only.

Also outside of video games I support a music critic.

Giant Bomb premium ever since Metal Gear Scanlon started, but that’s it.