Do you reenact video game animations/mannerisms when you're alone at home?


I compulsively pretend that I am holding a pistol when I walk down my hallway. I’m literally holding my imaginary handgun in center-axis relock position as I sweep for hostiles and sharply turn the corner to my bathroom to scan for enemies. The only reason I know what the fuck center-axis relock is is because that’s what Sam Fisher uses.

I have had this problem for years.


Um yes

Every time I get an all out attack with Joker in P5 I adjust my nonexistent gloves

I have no shame


Sometimes I just like to T Pose, y’know?


I walk around the house like Chris and Leon do in Resident Evil. I also genuinely used to bolt up the stairs swinging my fake gun back and forth like a FPS game, because that’s what cool kids do.


Sometimes I just


nothing’s wrong i’m just doing the curl up like a ball animation from dark souls.
i know but. just give me a few more hours.
it was a long day.
maybe a crow will come.


Not typically, but I appear to be crashing after reading the original post


Shamefully, yes. One of the ways I rest my hands when standing is just close enough to holding an assault rifle that it’s shocking.


This shit started for me when I would pretend that I was carrying a Mosin Nagant every time I would run up a flight of stairs


can i please share with you all this thread which i found once & has been in my heart ever since. thank you.


Phoenix Wright posing is as common in my life as JoJo posing.


I use the Deadly Premonition “closing my eyes, putting my head down, and wave my hand in the air” animation for various situations and emotions at least once a day in private or in public. It started as a joke but over time became a part of me.


Oh, this shit got me laid once.


Every time I’m alone I repeatedly exclaim “for real!” a la Ryuji.


I did go through a phase with this. My baby brother would mimic me when I did it to him.


i love to do a front flip and shoot rocket boost out of my ass like a rocket league car


I’m the guy that waves his hand every time I approach an automatic door.


I legit had a Deadly Premonition mimicry phase. Like, for the (thankfully brief) period that I smoked, I mimicked the way York uses his lighter. I also caught myself doing the “tap your chest with your index finger” thing while I was thinking once. I’ve also done the weird hand wave York does, but that’s generally just because I tend to gesticulate already and it was the most natural movement in the moment.


Besides the Ocelot gestures everyone seems to do, I gotta admit that I don’t mimic gaming gestures much - but that hasn’t stopped me from working in weird idle animation gestures into scripts every now and again. Basically I try to force actors to do it instead of doing it myself.