Do you think we're already playing Death Stranding

This post came to me in as a bit of a doke from this:

But then I started to think about it more. The marketing, the trailers, the discussion etc. Is this actually the game?

Then, expanded - what if life is actually already Death Stranding?

Maybe we are already living in the the Death Stranding Dystopia Timeline, where we’re all stranded in this feedback loop of the same bad things & discussions of bad things but not getting anywhere and the existential dread of potential death from imminent nuclear warfare

I need a drink

Also don’t use twitter

Well Kojima did say that the “game” has already begun.

I’ve been playing since birth tbh

living just being stranded from death if u think about it


no because we’re in the world of Metal Gear Rising


Where is my HF Blade then? I have a regular one but I want one that vibrates at high frequency. What’s the point of a sword if I can’t cut things at a molecular level?

Legit, if Death Stranding turns out to be a string of mad Kojima trailers and merch for about 3 years, and the end result is a collection of all the promo materials in a fancy box?

100% down with that.

Imagine Kojima walking on stage at E3 2020 after the final “trailer” for Death Stranding, to asolutely no fanfare, stating with complete sincerity:

“Thank you for playing Death Stranding”

Then just walking off. End of conferance. He’s not available for interviews.


On release Kojima will just tweet:
“Death Stranding was within you all along”

Then we all give him $60


i dont like this thread

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what’s your beef?

i feel attacked


Just tell us if we are in Death Stranding or not!

PT is Death Stranding.

You have to get the baby to giggle like normal, BUT then you go into the bathroom and shout into the microphone “KOJIMA TIME, BAYBEE” and then you’ll hear the phone ring but the tone will be the MGS 1 theme backwards. Look at the phone for 666 minutes and then a number pad will pop up where you will enter your phone number backwards. Then you’ll get a call from Mads Mikkelsen congratulating and thanking you for playing Death Stranding.

Did ya’ll miss that or…?

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I am Death Stranding.

maybe the real death stranding was the friends we made along the way

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best and also worst RP on this forum for sure

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someone’s RPing?

In a way, aren’t we all?


What if we didn’t make any

Is there a bad ending

Maybe Kojima was our real friends we made along the way.

With, y’know, a bunch of masks and wigs and stuff.