Do you want a tail?

For the sake of the argument, let’s say it’s any kind of tail you want. It is prehensile. Would you take it?

  • Put a tail on me
  • No tail, please

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Prediction: Everyone will opt in for the tail because there’s no downside.



fifteen characters

No, I’m not horny enough. A tail would just look weird on me.

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Prehensile pick pocket skill tree here I come!


didn’t even read the post. tail me. I’m in. where do I. where’s my tail.

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well if its a tail on me like right now based on most of my other extremities it’d just be a flesh and/or bone nightmare right

i’ll consider it.

Will I turn into a Great Ape during a Full Moon?

Because the answer is either yes or VERY yes.

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Are you Goku?

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I don’t know if I’d be able to pull off a tail but the third appendage to open my front door when I’m holding a pizza in the first two appendages would be very very handy indeed

I can finally be Zidane fulfilling my childhood goal

depends on the rules of the fictive universe or if it’s mundane but i probably couldn’t pull it off

just a tail or does it come with the animal ears of my choice.

I opt for tail on the condition that I get to know if my crush will think its cute or not before I get the tail.

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I’d go tail in a heartbeat, but I slouch enough when sitting that I need to seriously consider this.

Edit: fuck it, i can learn better posture, tail me


My fursona has a bobbed tail so what’s the fucking point…

Man, I have a hard enough time finding pants that fit well as it is.

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I would like a prehensile shark tail

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I don’t know, I’ve never had a tail to test it.