Do you whine when you get what you want?


This is a thread for shitty people.

Darksiders 3 is literally a dream come true for me; I didn’t think it would ever happen.

I don’t like the way Fury looks. Why didn’t they stick to Joe Mad’s design?
Barring the dumbass tissue paper she was supposed to be wearing, her head/face was distinctive. She also has pupils. The horsemen’s eyes are supposed to be a radiant color, no pupils; War’s eyes are blue, Death’s eyes are orange. She’s going to look out of place next to them. Also more Earth? We had an entire game set on Earth already and there was a portion of Earth in the second which happened to be the worst part of that game.

Also, Disney is talking about dusting off TRON which is some of my favorite shit ever but they don’t want a sequel, they want some sort of soft reboot with Jared Leto as the lead even though he’ll probably drop at some point anyway because prospective leads do that a lot, and tbh fam I don’t even know how to follow up on Legacy but I still want those characters my guy Garret Hedlund gets no fucking love and how do you tease Cillian Murphy as a potential antagonist in Legacy and not follow up on that shit homeboy isn’t getting any younger and the whole thing was that they’re the next generation GOD DAMN DUDE, what am I doing with my life?

First world problems.

Are you also unable to accept nice things?