Do Your Eating/Gaming Habits Change When Your Partner(s) Goes Away?


Day 3: Woke up on couch with cat snoring on my legs. Apparently sometime after my third generously proportioned Manhattan I ordered an Italian sub roughly the size of my arm with what I’m guessing was a caloric count somewhere in the 6 figure range. Looks like I managed to unlock another character from the new Prey DLC. While it defies everything I’ve ever been taught, my mouth still felt like I needed to shave my tongue.

Spent the day cleaning, doing laundry, working and jogging for my sins.


These Lost Weekends really look different as we reach a certain age, huh?




i kept seeing this thread title and every time it reminded me of when i had to fly out of town and back into town in the same day for a funeral, and my girlfriend was so bored on her own that she ate two baconators in one sitting and had to go to emergency the next day for digestive pain (she’s fine now)


I love cooking, I love my girlfriend, and I love hanging out with someone else at home a ton, but the moment I’m alone I use it as an opportunity to self-destruct. It’s my cue to smoke a ton of pot, order a large pizza (or hit that drive-thru at Taco Bell) and overeat, then sprawl out to play whatever game I don’t find visually interesting enough for someone else to watch, or watch a movie I know would be to arthousey (I wouldn’t watch Antichrist or Oldboy with friends…) to unwind on a good night in with my partner.

Being home alone is the signal for me to get comfortable with myself. It’s almost as if I’ve been playing charades this entire time in front of everyone and anyone, and my mind is waiting for that perfect moment to implode into oblivion out of public view.

I always end my unhealthy night of gaming until 4AM with a morning of drinking a ton of water and cleaning the entire house. Maybe I’ll avoid screens for the bulk of the day, too. But it’s a weird pattern I go through.


This is weird to me as I am the person who does a bulk of the cleaning and cooking. If anything, if my boyfriend leaves the house it’s much easier to cook and clean.


For sure, dude. <3


My partner and I don’t live together and we only see each other on the weekends, but if ever she’s away or just unable to hang out I do tend to do certain things differently.

I almost always wind up eating at least on meal at Taco Bell and I definitely wind up playing games more, but that’s not so much due to her absence, but rather the tantalizing idea of actually having the opportunity to get lost in a game for hours at a time.

Probably the strongest compulsion I get is to watch multiple movies back to back, again because the idea of not being compelled to do anything else for a period of time.


Is there a record for amount of tacos eaten while sans pants? Because if so, I think I may have just blown that motherfucker out of the water.


Are you me? Same thing, milk intolerance so very little cheese, whenever she’s not around, pizza is one of the first things I get!


When I was in high school and living with my parents if they went out of town I would drag my PS2 and Dreamcast downstairs and play video games on the nice TV and spend the $20 they would leave for food on IBC root beer in glass bottles and buying as much little caesars pizza as possible because TV taught me that college was going to be like that but with real beer and that I best be prepared for it.


I have been alone in my parents’ house for more than two weeks and I have been eating less than I do when my parents are home. I have been playing more games and watching movies on the big television downstairs because my parents aren’t using the television. If you couldn’t tell I don’t work. I try to clean the house like my mother would if she was there to clean it.


Bless you, child


Hahaha, I am not. But I am glad that someone else understand my plight.

Don’t get me wrong, I love goat cheese, but there is just something so satisfying about a greasy pizza. Or as my partner calls the Hot N Ready from Little Caesar’s, “Hot n Sweaty”.


In the rare instance I’m away from both my wife and son, I’ll normally eat something that neither of them would ever touch. My wife hates spicy food and being four my son hates most food that isn’t dinosaur shaped. I’ll normally make/order something spicy I couldn’t justify otherwise. I love making myself some extra spicy Japanese curry rice, and the bonus is there’s enough leftover to eat it again and not kill myself in the kitchen making three separate meals.


When I am without partner or kids, it’s Wing Stop for every meal, but if anything, I end up falling asleep earlier (ie healthy bed time), and playing less games than when I cram them into the end of the day. It’s weird.


Absolutely yes. When my partner is out of town for a weekend (which happens rarely) I start planning what I’m going to play like…as soon as I find out, even if it’s months in advance. There’s so many games that I could play and finish in 1-2 hour chunks if only I had a solid 4-6 hours upfront to get immersed in the game which I typically have a hard time finding.


My partner and I have diametrically opposed work schedules, so for most of the week, I’m left to my own devices, but that doesn’t really impact my habits. But if she goes on a trip for a few days, I’m on an express bus to Bad Decisions City. I definitely spend more time gaming during these stints than I usually do.


When I was single I cooked and tried not to eat like garbage. Having a SO - I still cook, but I’m obviously cooking for two.

When I’m alone, I don’t want to waste meals that could be used for the both of us. So I order food and eat like crap.


I definitely revert to garbage person pretty fast on my own but it depends on how busy I am. I play games a lot less when I’m with my partner, mostly because we’re LDR and into very different games. I’m trying to revert less with regards to food because I always regret overeating, but my success there is limited.