Doctor Dekker's Madness is Infectious

From the makers of 2015’s “cult classic” FMV detective game Contradiction comes “The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker”. I’m really enjoying it but I think it has more to offer than just typical adventure game “use this clue/object on this person” type mechanic seen in it’s predeccesor. It has threads of Her Story with a pinch of Event[0] using a type-to-interrogate system that let’s you speak with patients choose what and how to converse with all the while solving a murder mystery! The characters are all psychiatry patients with endearingly bizarre problems that border on Cthulhu based mythos, time distortion powers, and ghost stories.

The game is a bit budget in places but charmingly written and there is a lot of dialogue. I’d say it has the right amount of cheese and self-awareness. It’s not quite as goofy or fun as Contradiction though. Once you get used to the interrogation system, which can be tricky at times to get the right response, it is surprisingly intelligent. You have to make sure you’re asking who,what,where,when,why, and how questions and not just mirroring words. Also responding yes or no is necessary to further a conversation as long as you specify what you’re agreeing or disagreeing with. Any one else been playing or have thoughts?

While I haven’t played it myself, I have seen a couple people play it from the start for a couple hours. I’m certainly interested in it (I would have bought it by now if I wasn’t financially tight) but I think it has a relatively poor start compared to Her Story or Contradiction. It doesn’t have the narrative hook that Contradiction had, while also not having a simple and loose mechanical structure like Her Story.

The result is a game with a slightly confusing open start (that doesn’t explain what you’re meant to be doing/who you are very well) while also being very particular and stringent in how it wants you to approach the game. I’ve seen multiple people get frustrated trying to figure out the games rules - which is especially difficult because the limited vocabularly of the game. A game with unclear mechanics that only becomes fun once you figure it out is a difficult sell.

Nevertheless, I think it’s worth checking out. Also, I’m glad the game quickly enters the wackier and supernatural topics, because otherwise the framework of a psychologist’s appointment makes me very uncomfortable.

I have played through about half of it so far and I am enjoying it a lot. The interrogation system can be a little clunky at times and it can be a little hard to work out what exact phrasing the game wants you to use sometimes. However when it works and you know what it, it works really well. I think the story is interesting and it sets it stall out fairly early on in regards to what direction it is going in. Looking forward to seeing where the second half goes.

Hate to be the guy to go “well, actually”, but as far as I know the only thing in common Doctor Dekker has with Contradiction is one actor. Contradiction was made by (the video game legend) Tim Follin, whereas Doctor Dekker seems to be made by D’Avekki Studios. I might be wrong, but nothing seems to indicate that they have things in common. If I’m wrong, feel free to correct me.

I think the idea for the game is cool, especially the way they’ve included replayability in the game by having different endings. I just personally have never, ever enjoyed parser games because playing them always becomes a chore to me. Instead of trying to figure out the clues, I’ll spend time trying to figure out how to get the parser to understand what I’m saying, which ruins the immersion.

You are correct in John Guilor (The actor that plays Ryan Rand) as being the only link to Contradiction here, though I’ve seen that there is a humorous scene that plays when you reference Contradiction to his character.

I’ve only seen the Giant Bomb Quick Look and the game looks to be amusing, but the ‘input text and hope you get it right’ was a little frustrating to watch. Nonetheless some of those characters were really interesting though. That gravedigger guy is straight out of SEES, plus the last name of Marianna’s(/Cthulu personified maybe?) actress is De’ath, which is rad.