Does anyone else really love the combo trial/challenge mode in fighting games?

I have been chipping away at the USF4 challenge mode, and while it has been incredibly tough at times, I’m having a blast and am learning a lot of nuances about the game’s mechanics. Does anyone else out there like these modes?

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Definitely. The challenges tend to be the thing I jump into first so I can learn how all the mechanics work.

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I just started getting into Fighting Games recently, specifically Street Fighter V, and this is how I spend most of my time. I find repetitive actions soothing, so constantly doing the same combos until I can do them perfectly is the way I’ll relax my mind when I get home from work/school. I’m not sure if USF4 has this, but in SFV there is a mode where it keeps throwing characters at you but you don’t regenerate health after matches. It’s kind of a survival mode? That’s what helps me understand the mechanics as well.

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I’ve always really enjoyed these. Lately I’m also spending a lot of time in training mode in the demo for Guilty gear Rev 2. Trying to keep up with Sol and also learning how Baiken works.


Guilty Gear really scares me with how fast it is, but Rev 2. definitely has one of the best training modes in modern fighting games.

Completely agree with you on the soothing nature of repetitive actions. I don’t think USF4 has that mode. I have head that that survival mode in Street Fighter 5 is tough though, even the guy who won EVO for SF5 last year said so!