Does anyone have issues with videos in text cutting off some of the writing

So basically on any of the articles that have a video embedded in them the video cuts off the line first few lines of text of the next paragraph.

I will attach screen shots here.

Yes. I had this issue on Austin’s Red Dead article too.

Austin tweeted that it was a site-wide problem that they were aware of and working on!

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there’s a margin-bottom: -20px wigging it out. If you make your browser window width less than 650px it will be readable :tada:

Honestly, I find reading articles on the Waypoint site pretty unpleasant - overly intrusive and large ads and pop-ups, technical issues like these, text jumping around as different ads and interstitials load etc. I’ve stopped trying to read any articles on my phone, as you can’t actually read see any of the article itself from all the ads. It really does the work that the team put into the site a disservice, which bums me out.

Not quite the same, but i just had this happen and it’s honestly kind of funny.