Does Anyone Here Have Any Experience With Marvel Unlimited?

I’m a casual comic reader, I’ve been reading digital comics for awhile now but have never really done a deep dive. I have comixology unlimited and am always a little disappointed when they don’t have volumes of a series and have to pay. Does anyone here have experience with marvel unlimited and can say if it’s worth it? Do they have a wider selection then comixology or is it about the same. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Decent but not the best for back catalog digging, useless for new comics (there’s like a 6 month delay on new titles being added last I checked)

They do a lot of deals where you can get a free month or a month for $1. It would be a good way to see if it’s right for you.

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When I looked to see if they had that option it didn’t look like it was available :confused:

I bit the bullet and paid for a month of MU, and I’m not super sure where I stand right now. I’ve read a few issues so far, and the experience has been fine, but it’s a fight to actually find what you’re looking for. They list books newest first, and I haven’t found an easy way to really pin point the exact issues I want.

I’d say it’s FINE, but I don’t know if I’ll be carrying on with it after this month. I’m in Canada, so I’m being hit with exchange rates. I’m feeling like it might be cheaper to buy what I want to read, considering how much X-Men they don’t have.

They did the $1 deal once for the Marvel 75th anniversary so I wouldn’t expect that again soon.

I’ve been an on again, off again subscriber to Marvel Unlimited. It’s a fairly solid service with a decent selection of legacy titles. I think if it was released between 2000 and 6 months ago they probably have it. I’ve occasionally found a frustrating missing issue here or there. There are a couple issues of Ultimate Spider-man that are not on there for some reason. They have a bunch of older stuff but it is by no means a complete collection.

I personally think it is worth the money but I can’t compare it to Comixology Unlimited because it is no available in Canada yet.

I find it more useful to sub for a couple of months a year and go on an archive binge than for keeping up with series on a six month delay.


Yeah, if you want to use Marvel Unlimited, its kinda better to know what you want to go in for, rather than just wildly browsing. Also, its not as well laid out or as usable as Comixology, which means it has its own problems too.

But certainly I’d say its worth at least giving a go, because you can get full series/stories out of it which seems to be the big problem of Comixology Unlimited right now, and its not like the Marvel archives don’t have some great stories.

I’ve had MU (on and off) for a few years and the app now is so much better than when I started using it (issues always load when you click on them rather than sometimes only loading the 3 preview pages, it doesn’t crash, it doesn’t forget your recently read).

It may be somewhat hard to find things (although the several indexes are actually pretty good, even if stuff like metadata per character is extremely incomplete so don’t expect that to index every appearance) but reading lists are a great way to pick up a story line and just run through them. The MU app does have events which catalogue the things in those reading lists but sometimes you need to know which events chain into which others and find some issues missed from the core event index. I found reading via referencing the reading lists to be the best experience (especially if you want to do something like read through the entire of modern Cosmic).

The older archives are slowly being filled in (1970s backwards) but there’s a lot of stuff to read through if you’re not looking for the latest issues (as they always delay them to not eat into sales) then there’s so much worth reading that it’s easy to get lost in the archives (especially if you couldn’t buy a lot of comics growing up). I definitely got a lot of use out of my first annual subscription when I first jumped into the archives.

Do you know if they have the 1998 daredevil? I’ve always wanted to read through it, but they only have the first 2 volumes on CU :confused:

So you can just download the app and browse without subscribing (also the Marvel website but I find that is way less easy to browse). I will note that if you’re looking for anything that’s R-rated then MU isn’t where to go (so I don’t think I’ve ever seen a MAX imprint issue on there - so you’re going to miss some classics like Alias).

Dardevil they’ve got 187 issues 1964-1997 (so about half of the 380 original numbered issues); 132 issues 1998-2011 - I just scrolled through the covers and they certainly have the first 120 issues of MK Daredevil indexed. Then it jumps to 500 (anniversary renumbering) and ends on 512. The next block is the new #1 issue from 2011. I don’t know enough to know if that’s complete or not (having a quick Google, I think that’s the complete 1998 run).

Aw darn they just did one for GOTG2 but it’s expired.

I used it last year for about six months. As someone who read a lot of stuff in the 90’s and then dropped off completely, I found it a great (and cheap) way to catch up on everything. As others have said, if you search for reading lists on the internet then it’s pretty easy to read an entire arc even if it involves various different comic lines. Outside of that it can be a bit tricky to search and find things you want.

I would certainly say it’s worth a shot.

I think for the price and what it offers, it is pretty great. I think I’m with everyone else here saying to just try a month, you can wait until the next marvel movie comes out and get a free month that way. However if you spend any sizeable time reading comics, the 10 dollars they ask for each month isn’t too bad. I will also say that the App for android was pretty terrible and would crash constantly a few months ago. However In my year of using MU, its actually improved quite a bit. One thing, there is no MAX available, as mentioned above and six months need to pass before the comics on the stands reach the app.

I know this is an old thread but if you haven’t tried it yet I just saw they have a free month with the offer code HOME. Offer lasts until 7/12.