Does anyone play Clash Royale?

It gets a lot of derision for being FTP model but I haven’t dumped a cent into it, just time and I still have fun with it. I’ve played for over a year and I really love the variety of strategies and the 1v1 real time competition aspect of it. They’re constantly adding new cards that change the meta and if you get into a good clan you can have a lot of fun. I found a Giant Bomb clan that’s still going strong and has pretty good chemistry.

I’m playing this most days, it’s great fun. I know a lot of people get frustrated with it as sometimes you just get overrun but the odd losing streak isn’t going to kill me.

I initially joined a clan set up by the Eurogamer website but that soon filled up and only a handful of people played. We’ve formed our own clan now so if anyone wants to joins search for ‘Nice Mates 2’.

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I’ve spent too much money on this game to ever stop playing. It’s also a ton of fun… just mute those emotes first! :+1:t2:

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Hahaha I totally have to be in the right headspace to not get ticked off by the emotes, and the way the mute works now is absolutely ideal. A part of me wishes they would implement a universal mute, but on the other hand that would probably mute emotes in friendly games as well, which wouldn’t be good.

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Somehow, yes. I’ve made Challenger 3 the past 2 seasons, put a bit of money into the game. My brother in law introduced me about a year ago and I’ve been playing since. The feeling of hitting over leveled cards is bad, but its a really nice game to play at work on break.

One thing that is frustrating is getting locked into a deck. I’ve been playing Giant/Bowler/Arrows/Log/Lightning/Meta Minon/ Musketeer for so long now none of my other cards are close. When it takes 2 months of requests to level up a rare how can I switch with the meta. After playing other cardgames with the full set(Netrunner!), not being able to switch is pretty lame.

I know this feeling for sure, I do like that they give you the option to load up on new cards through either a tournament or the 100 gem deal when they introduce new cards. I’m trying to work Heal into my deck because I had a lot of fun with it in the Heal Challenge but I’m not able to find a deck that gets me as high as my current main (eBarb/Musketeer/Log/Lumberjack/zap/fireball/gob gang/Miner)

I’ve had a ton of fun with it, I’ve been on and off depending on how busy I am otherwise but I have played a whole lot of it and I put it in amongst my favourite ten games of last year. I got really into the arena stuff they did and I also had tons of fun with that mode where you both draft a deck at the start of the match.

Honestly the thing that has stopped me almost entirely is Fire Emblem Heroes. Since that came out I have played it every single day, meaning it fills up basically any time that I might have spent with Clash Royale. Maybe I’ll go back at some point, though. I never fell out of love with Clash; it’s one of the most fun multiplayer RTS games I’ve played and I will absolutely stand by that.

I understand that feeling. I saw a really cool deck on replay royal that had max level heal that did some really cool plays with a 3 musketeer deck that looks honestly like a lot of fun. I know I could go play challenges, since most of my cards are tournament level. However, the players there are sharks playing the same hog cycle spam decks to try and get the most value out of their gems. The game doesn’t reward revolving play with the meta, or trying out new decks. Once you start requesting cards, you are pretty much locked in until you unlock even more cards. It is frustrating.

The nice thing about challenges is that even if your cards aren’t Tournament standard they’re automatically brought up for the challenge so you are on a fairly level playing field. There are definitely sharks in challenges though (and I find people tend to be bigger a-holes in challenge matches than ladder wrt emotes and whatnot).

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At some point challenges bring out legendaries and epics that I rather not see at full level.(I’m looking at you electrowiz)

I haven’t played it for like a year but I definitely enjoyed playing it when I did. I got up to the highest map without paying a dime with a deck that was mostly lower tier stuff too which felt really good. I love me some of that skeleton army.

You should give it a shot again! It’s changed a lot in a year with all sorts of new cards and events and other stuff.

Probably. I think one of the reasons I dropped off though is that I don’t really care much about constantly changing out my deck so I just got to a point where it’s like if I want to use this deck I have fun with I just can’t really advance with it until like, half a year from now.

I did load it up to see what my deck was and if we’re gonna talk about decks at some point in this thread let me just list mine off: Prince, Minion Horde, Baby Dragon, Fire Spirits, Arrows, Hog Rider, Musketeer, Skeleton Army. It was definitely really good but there were a couple cards I had issues with (Golem, Barbs were hit or miss, Dark Prince could be a huge pain too) I wonder if this deck is still even remotely viable with the new cards?

It’s a game which I love as a core concept (the best implementation of an RTS that runs in 3 minute games?) but the monetisation really does make it pay to win so as a game that’s always played against human opponents then your ranking basically is how long you’ve farmed and paid multiplied by any skill.

But the continued balancing does a good job of meaning that even if you’re heavily invested in boosting some cards to be viable, it’s unlikely the meta will completely leave you, unless you plan to play at the top tiers.

I did for a bit and it was honestly kinda fun but the extreme free to play aspects threw me off it pretty hard. Its a neat game but its ultimately not worth dealing with all that garbage.

Clash is SUPER SOLID! I’ve been playing Power Rangers: Legacy Wars lately-- it’s actually pretty similar, but instead of a super-quick RTS, it’s a fighting game. I actually kinda like it more? I’d give it a peek if you want to see a similar design (random cards activated by steadily growing energy pool) tweaked to a different genre.

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I used to, this time last year - thanks to Dan & Brad from GB. I had to quit it at some point. My life was beginning to revolve around opening chests that never gave me anything good, and my mood would be ruined by those god damn king emotes.

I wish the gameplay was available without the F2P nightmare that surrounds it.

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