Does anyone still play Miitomo?


I know its weird to say play since its a more social app but I still go a couple times a week. It’s a chill game that still uses your Mii on your phone and customize your room which is cool. Anyone else?


Did the game ever get better optimized? I remember having fun answering questions, but it chewed through my battery like no one’s business, so I ended up uninstalling.

Have they added any new features to make it more appealing?


Yeah they added a couple things. You can see other peoples answers aside from your friends and their rooms since you can customize it and also you can have a side kick. I’m not entirely sure whats the purpose of that but I have Kraft Punk as my side kick. Your Mii and answers are more open to the world to say the least. The battery thing? Idk about that, mine is usually good money after like 10-20 minutes of my day since i like doing the mini games. They’re pretty generous with the app currency imo.


its my one check-in game. I just boot it up each day so I can collect the dailies and when the mood strikes I dip into my funds to buy some new clothes. The game kept serving me up the same 3 questions so I stopped using that part forever ago. I just like making my mii look cute


I sometimes answer questions so maybe that’s why I haven’t seen any duplicates. I usually just log on for coins then check another time or for a mini game I missed. I still go on every now and then because it has a lot of potential to be a good app. For now I just like dressing my Mii up and looking at other people’s answers.


I haven’t dived deeply into this game, although I was playing it fairly actively initially. The greater effort that went into Mii and allowing you to customise Miis was really appreciated, but I didn’t find it a deep enough experience to keep on my phone when my phone’s internal storage was spent.


True. If there was more mini games aside from Mii Drops, and more interactions with other Miis aside from liking best outfits, it would give the app a little kick. Like throw a Mii to a pool floatie or something haha