Does dresden codak vape


i would vape if i was dresden codak


do you mean the comic itself, because I have 36 comics in my RSS feed, and I don’t know if any of them are more likely to vape than dresden codak


Dresden Codak is formulating post-singularity ejuice as we speak.


It vapes the best quality there is. No fancy flavoring, not silly tricks. Puro, smoke, dense clouds, the finest taste in vaping there is.


Absolutely, there’s no way Dresden Codak does not vape. It doesn’t even matter if we’re talking about the author or the comic, they both blow out the biggest vape clouds, no question.


I seem to recall Aaron Diaz being a staunch vegan and martial arts enthusiast so I doubt he vapes. He might, but I do doubt it.

The comic rips hella dope clouds for sure though


Oh man. I forgot Dresden Codak existed. Now to see if I can remember where I left off…


the real question is does dresden codak “Adam!” vape or “…woooow” vape


Dresden Codak is blurring the lines between man and vape until they cease to be distinct concepts.


only a few times a year but Dresden Codak riiiiiips


Dresden Codak has a 1h 56m YouTube on the sign value of „man“ relative to „vape“.


I used to hang out at Koala Wallop and I can tell you every single person on that website vaped.