Does ice ruin your soda?


when ever i ask my dad for a glass of soda he puts 12 ice cubes in it… i smile and thank him but deep down im saddened that the nice bubbly orange soda i wanted has now just turned into unhealthy orange juice…

anyone else have similar stories?


The key is to use a single cube

No more, no less


Light ice at every fast food place and no more than 4 ice cubes for me tbh.


Yes, it does.

The only exception being when eating out.

Apparently, the syrup in fast food vending machines are designed to take melting ice in to account, so going iceless actually results in a sub-optimal sodie-pop experience.


That’s how it goes with fountain pops. Usually it gets overloaded with ice cubes. Sure it gets nice and cool but at the end of your sip, you have mostly just water down there.

That’s why these days I make sure to get just a lil bit of ice from those fountain machines


I bought a nugget ice maker and my life is forever changed. Fill the entire cup with ice, and then pour the drink.


I will never understand people who want to drink warm soda, but will respect people who want to drink soda from a refrigerator.


If you just drink water, then you won’t have to worry about ice ruining your beverage.


If I feel the overwhelming compulsion to put ice in my soda, it may be 2, perhaps 3 at the most. However, I do put ice in my coffee, because I want to drink it immediately, not hours later.

I do have a story about a guy I worked with briefly. He asked my co-worker and I to get him a soda from the Subway we were going to, and he told us to get a large, and fill it with ice. We filled the cup almost to the brim with ice. He said it wasn’t enough. He was an interesting dude to say the least.

  1. The ice takes up way too much space, meaning I’m getting less soda for my money.
  2. The fountain always chills the soda. It’s already cold.
  3. The ice inevitably melts, watering down the taste of my delicious Dr. Pepper.
  4. If I wanted water, I’d have ordered water.

In conclusion, fuck ice.


I like my soda best at room temperature, but if I have ice I maintain a 3 cube max rule.


I typically request no ice in my drinks unless I know they are warm from sitting in a storage space. I don’t like watered down soda. Also, I tend to drink my drinks pretty quickly so I’m not worried about them warming up.


i will take the fizz of a warm over a cold watered down mess with no fizz… but will comend you for having a set of standards and sticking to them


I usually don’t have ice in my soft drinks at a fountain mostly because it comes out cold already. But ice doesn’t really impact the flavor much unless you’re at the dregs, but it’s a preference. As for soda at home, no ice. Straight out of the can, cold.

Soda is not generally not the type of drink that “opens up” its flavor with the addition of a little ice unlike a good scotch.


I always go with some ice, but I also like crunching it after the drink is done so maybe that skews my opinion of soda/ice combos


Ahh a fellow Pepper Fan how often do you pick where to eat solely on if they offer Dr Pepper cause i find my self doing it more and more


I live in texas, so pretty much everyone has it except 1-2 outliers.


ahh You live in the source that cool I got excited recent;y because my local liquor store started selling cane sugar Dr Pepper its No Dublin Dr Pepper but its nice


The only correct way to drink soda is if it has bourbon in it tbh


Honestly the way I tend to avoid it is just, when I want soda, sticking to drinking straight from the can. I prefer it canned over fountain/poured 99% of the time!

When I do go out I try to ask for no ice generally with soda if I order soda, though I usually stick with water when at restaurants and such!