Does Overcooked have a halfway decent single player mode?

Switch-related. Done with the campaign in Splatoon 2 so looking for a single player mode to pass the time for three weeks until Rabbids comes out. I see it is listed in the eshop as 1-4 players so wondering if it would be any good for mainly single player action (mp is still firmly MarioKart for any friends and family that are over and want to play).


Absolutely not. It’s nearly impossible in the later levels with 2 people. Fantastic game, but not a single player joint.


Well I think that answers that then! Think I will go for Mighty Gunvolt then. Cheaper too.

Yup, having had rows trying to do some of those levels (admittedly on PS4, but) with 2 people, I would not want to attempt them on my own!

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