Does Seaman fuck?


Since we may have a sequel coming - might as well ask this question.


i don’t know seaman but ye he fucks


Let me pass on some knowledge real quick.

This is Seaman. It’s basically a pet sim game that came out on the Dreamcast that had Leonard Nimoy narrate. It’s a weird ass game.


i stand by my claim that weird fish face fucks


You really gonna do Seaman dirty like that? Of course seaman fuccs, what with that cutie-pie face of his. And while we’re on the topic, Seaman does so much more than fuck. He gets great grades in university, his parents are proud of him, and he’s destined for greatness.

Reducing Seaman to a person that “may or may not fuck” seems a bit reductive and callous imo.


Oh shit I’m so sorry for putting Seaman down like that

I really need to check myself and get educated because I don’t want to do Seaman dirty


Some relevant testimony from @yootsaito, creator of Seaman:


All of us are here because of a seaman fuck.


The words of Seaman himself direct from the 2000 English release of the Sega Dreamcast game, Caution: Seaman -

I’ve been remembering things lately, about myself, my past life and my history. And I realize now that I need you to let me out of this tank. It’s important. Really, really important. Can you let me out please?

Please, if I am released I give you my word that I will keep all your secrets. You see, there are some things I need to do. What do you say? I know it sounds odd, but I must keep evolving. I have to keep growing so I can find my long lost love again.

It’s been a long, long time. You see, my father was the king of Egypt back in its third dynasty and my lover’s father was a priest in the temple. Oh we were young and swept away by the passion, I’m sure you understand. Oh my dear, sweet love, she was the most beautiful creature imaginable.

But neither of our fathers would approve our marriage because of our class differences. When we insisted we be allowed to marry, her father consulted the god Thoth and asked him to help. Thoth granted her father’s request for health and, changed, our physical forms and, we’ve been apart ever since.

And I have to continue evolving so I can be reunited with her in another few thousand years.

So you’ll help me get our, right? I already have a plan to help me get out. You see that ring over the tank? I’m going to jump for it, when I give you signal, you say JUMP. Understand?

Okay, now.

Conclusion: Seaman as we know him does not fuck. Yet Seaman has fucked and, with your help, will fuck again.


Seaman doesn’t fuck. Seaman makes love.


What Do You Think Evolution Is NeoRasa.


and don’t we all… in the end. Seaman’s story is all our stories.


Without Seaman’s story, I wouldn’t be able to go on. He’s looking for true love. I’m looking for true love.

We are all Seaman on this day.


I’m gonna be the one who has to speak the truth here and of course seaman does not fuck. Something’s so vile could never hope to find love in a world as cruel as this one.

It is not his fault though. It is the fault of our society, which only looks at the surface. For truly Seaman’s is the heart of a true lover. One that, tragically, will never be appreciated.


you look at this world and see cruelty and all Seaman sees is love. See With Not Your Eyes But With Your Weird Fish Heart. Dream with the passion of Seaman. JUMP MUKORA. TAKE THE LEAP.


Irrefutable proof that Seaman does in fact fuck


What did I tell you. Never doubt seaman,


holy fuck this is NSFW


Man, y’all had it all back then, huh.