Does The Designer Behind ‘Nier: Automata’ Believe in God?

The unconventional mind behind one of this year’s most surprising games answers our questions.

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Real deep stuff from that man. Also Platinum confirm to be Yuuki Aoi fans just like me :grinning:

Yoko Taro is above caring about whether or not you think he thinks there’s a God, man! He’d rather you question the very pillars you use to deceive yourself into accepting life on this sad plane of existence. head explodes

In all seriousness, Yoko Taro’s sincerity, on full display here, is what makes his art so worthwhile. I (admittedly in the minority) may not think his observations are all that new or exciting at their core, but his presentation of them, wrinkles and all, make them so much more valuable in a cultural sphere that tends to flush that stuff out real quick. Hell, the wrinkles are what make the themes meaningful.