Does The Week Start On Sunday? Or Monday?

  • Sunday, Obviously
  • Monday, Because I Am From The Moon

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moonfolk unite!!


that’s where Monday comes from, obviously


Saturday, since that’s when my work timesheet starts.


What in the BLUE HELL?


I might get called to work at any hour of any day and have worked every day for a month at a time before. I have no concept of weeks beginning or ending. There is only the end of today and the start of tomorrow.


Bleep blorp. Moonman here. Monday is the start of the week because that’s when a new episode of Waypoint Radio comes out :slight_smile:


I was always taught that the week starts with Sunday.

But I’ve always felt that the week starts with Monday.


Sunday is part of the weekEND, y’all.


Loaves of bread have two ends.


Good question


Work schedules start on Sunday weekends are a myth unless I have two days off in a row


Throughout my childhood, into adulthood, every notion of routine has been defined by school and work, which always officially ends around Friday, and never starts again before Monday.

Sunday is part of the weekend, which is the end of the god damn week.


The results of this poll are disturbing to say the least


Do you look forward to bread ends like you do weekends?


Monday because I’m from anywhere on the planet but the US.


moon man reporting in


I voted monday, but for me sunday feels kind of like an in-between day. End of the weekend but it’s not the work week yet.


Sunday is the beginning of the week. Monday is the beginning of the work week.


I can’t sleep in on Monday, so that signifies that the week has begun