Does Your Favorite Snack Make You Better at Games?

Let's talk about snacks, baby.

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hey i wrote this one!!!


sour patch watermelon
yodels or swiss rolls or ho hos whatever
sugar snap crisps
green apple australian licorice
coconut oil popcorn
air heads bites
apple slices with sharp cheddar cheese

probably a bunch more but what are your favorites?!!!


I need to think over what my favourite snacks are, but some of my strongest game memories are tied to what I was eating at the time. I can’t help but associate Metroid Prime with the smell and taste of orange-flavoured chocolate because I opened the game alongside one of those products. That connection has made that game (which I wasn’t good enough to beat as a kid) really special in my memory.

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I get really focus with my game time, even visual novel type games, so I’m not able to snack. I do have a glass of water or tea to have something to drink between breaks in gameplay. Another reason for not snacking is my hands get messy and I hate to dirty up my controllers and mouse.


Just some good old fashioned potato chips. I like something crunchy and salty to go with my gaming.


I generally avoid eating too much while gaming, but I enjoy almonds, cashews and other sorts of nuts the most!

Anyways, here’s a pro tip for anyone looking to enhance their snacking game.

Use chopsticks if you want to eat anything messy. I hate getting any sort of grease or whatnot on my keyboard or controller, but also, like sometimes I just want some damn salt and vinegar chips. Chopsticks have been a savior in this regard.


Aw, I submitted a question bucket question about this…

But, bright side, I submitted that question because I also wanted to talk about snacks and now I get to!

Anyone else into Takis? (the very delightful fuego ones come in a purple bag: They hurt my mouth something AWFUL, but I can’t stop… Chex Mix is my go-to crunchy snack tho.

I also like those weird Pepsi 1893s - particularly the orange one. But, generally I go for a nice seltzer while gaming (ruby red grapefruit polar).

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And no. :frowning:


My go-to snack when I get home has been castelvetrano olives, sharp cheddar, crackers, and sparkling water. Also- I am not 100 years old. I just like those things a lot. I really like playing games at 1 to 3 beers and really can’t be bothered to even pick up the controller if I drink beyond that point. I feel like I’m going to be wasting the experience or something. I used to play games while intoxicated a lot but since I started cutting back it’s just made them really hard to play while imbibing. I’ve been trying to cut back on sugar too- I used to really smash any kind of sour or fruit based candy like it owed me money. That’s not super good for you as a rule.

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I keep getting myself tea while I play games & getting too invested by the time I remember I made tea it’s completely cold & I’ve stopped playing at least an hour ago.


I generally avoid food and games, although I have had to grab some pizza or something to survive longer LAN parties (taking a break from the games to do so). If I want some entertainment with snacks then it’s got to be some TV or a movie so I’ve got my hands free.

I will have a mug of tea or coffee sometimes while I play, if that counts as a snack-ish thing. If I theoretically was to have real snacks with games, I’d probably go with Pocky. That sounds like a good mix.

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Arguably the coffee that accompanies most of my favorite snacks is doing the heavy lifting on whatever performance gains result (though few ever do). But my gameday players, chosen for keyboard friendliness:

Reese’s Pieces
Almond or Peanut M&Ms
Chocolate chip bread
Beef Wellington
Cold pizza


My wife’s most vivid memory of playing video games is playing Age of Empires and having her villagers gather berries while she was eating a big bowl of blueberries. It was a multisensory addition to the experience of playing the game. To this day when people talk about Age of Empires it makes her hungry for blueberries.


I’m absolutely in love with the fact that beef wellington is on this list

If I’m playing in the AM, a cup of coffee can help me get into a groove easier. If I’m playing in the evening, a drink probably won’t enhance my gameplay but there’s a good chance I’ll have more fun.

Solid snacks don’t really impact my performance though, apart from chocolate covered espresso beans.

Damn I need some of those beans now.

If I have them in my home, I really like eating Peperidge Farm Goldfish. And I also like moving them around the bowl I put them in. It has a nice sound to it. Better than the sound I make when I eat them.

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Those little peanut butter-filled pretzel bites are a great thing to munch and I could eat an endless amount if I wasn’t paying attention.


I don’t like to snack during gaming becuz I hate having sticky/food-crudded fingers. That shit just ruins controllers.

Becuz of that, I just guzzle sodas by the gallon. None of that Dew garbage, though. Mostly just standard Diet Coke or something along those lines.

If anything, I should game more. It distracts me from eating and I could stand to lose a couple… hundred pounds. :confused:

Edit: I forgot, there is a snack I can burn through whilst gaming.

Sunflower seeds.

They’re so bad for my heart, though.

Hey I wrote a thing about healthy snacking while gaming once! I personally love grapes and peanuts.


Usually just a cheese sandwich or whatever like that. I should really stop doing it.