Don't get Jersd


It happened to me once. Turned a 15 minute trip into an hour.


the journal of education and research for sustainable development???


Getting Jersd is a word that was invented by Austin Walker during the big 72 hour stream while they played their second game of Scrabble.

Getting Jersd is not just a vexed state wherein the culture and atmosphere surrounding New Jersey descends on you like a plague but really a confluence of events and personage that emanate from that unholy place. It’s generally not positive.


aw man i never watched them play scrabble, should probably do that

a friend broke her leg in jersey after a long road trip. had to drive a manual car to florida afterwards.


South Jersey is cool, tho.


I used to play scrabble with friends where you were allowed to make up words as long as you could come up with a convincing meaning for it and everyone agreed on it.