Don't post any songs

City Pop, Jazz, Rap, Metal, Electronica, Indie Folk, Horny, Chaste—here at the Waypoint Forums, we love sharing our favorite jams and exploring new music!

But what if we didn’t?

I propose an experiment: A thread in which we post no music whatsoever. No mixdowns, live bootlegs, or deep cuts; no chart-toppers, indie darlings, or toe-tapping–fist-pumping–hip-swinging boppers; and absolutely no heartfelt recommendations of personally meaningful songs that helped you through a difficult time in your life, tinted only slightly melancholic by association.

Join me, won’t you?


the temptation to immediately post a song is
killing me

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stay strong!! :muscle:

I’mma post a song:


this is unforgiveable

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mods plz delete


Let’s just get back on topic.

I have a song in mind that I’m strongly not going to recommend in this thread, that’s for sure. Anyone else?

I’m struggling to not choose between two songs I’m not going to post. Maybe I just won’t post both?

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I’m listening to a song right now but there’s NO WAY I’m telling you chucklefucks what song it is.

What if I post just one song?

It won’t hurt anyone, right?



i’ve never even heard a song



there’s something amiss here and I just … can’t … place what it is

Eh, it’s probably nothing–thanks for contributing, @Kyonashi! Great work!

Could someone post an example of a song? Just so we know what not to post?

im not a cop.


Fuck songs. Who needs 'em.

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I want you to know that I agree, but possibly on a different position in the sonic spectrum. Probably this one:


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[Edited 12:49pm: WAIT NO dang it you got me this time. But it’s not gonna happen again!]

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Can I post poetry?

only concrete/visual poetry in free verse