Don't Starve: How do I Not Starve

So, I just recently started playing Don’t Starve. Are there any players out there who have not starved, and can give me some pointers as to how I can achieve a similar fate? I really, really don’t want to starve.

Thanks in advance!

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Good question, a good place to start is picking or farming food, and eating it. Also, killing things, cooking, and eating them.

Good luck, friend! :slight_smile:

Needless to say finding a steady supply of food is really important. One really useful thing to keep in mind is that if you set up camp near a bunch of pigs, you can feed them stuff so that they produce manure for you, so that you can farm from plots or berry bushes, etc.

I usually have more trouble with trying to keep my character sane, so I’d take any advice on that!

“Don’t go insane or get eaten by wolves and spiders” is definitely a more fitting name for my attempts at the game. :slight_smile:

I haven’t played Don’t Starve for a very long time, but I recall my strategy was this:

  • Find a good base of operations, preferably somewhere that’s near beefalo. Pigs are also acceptable but make sure your porky friends don’t eat meat from the monsters they kill. Things get Dawn of the Dead real quick if you let them.
  • Pick up everything. Craft, craft, craft. You want to work your way up to farm plots as soon as possible.
  • Try to make what you have last by waiting until the last moment to use it. If you kill a rabbit, wait until it’s almost rotten before skinning it. Wait until the skinned meat is almost bad until you cook it. Wait until the cooked meat is almost expired before you eat it.

I think that was it. I died more often from being a daring explorer (slash collector) than from starvation.