Doomfist just got revealed


It’s like a D’Angelo video in here

I realize now that this might be a dated reference for you young thunder cats so here’s D’Angelo’s video I was referencing.


oh my

(15 characters)


Anime reveal’s slick as hell, too


That’s gotta be the Boondocks team as well. Shit is so stylish.


Fuck just give me an overwatch tv show already


Its the Kung Fu Cooking Girls team Wolfsmoke.


As I was watching that intro I figured that the Waypoint community would be losing it’s collective mind over an Overwatch anime.


Shootout to all the dark skin characters this year


Every additional Overwatch character has been a POC (except for Orisa who was created by a person of a color. And is also a robot.)

As both a big Overwatch fan and, ya know, a brown person, that makes me feel pretty good. In my heart spaces. Like right in the cockles. :grin:


Oh man, thank you so much for making the D’angelo connection, now I totally want a voice line where he he croons about how does it feeeeeeel to get punched into the stratosphere.


Just for reference, we have an Overwatch thread: