'Dorfromantik' Turns City-Building into a Beautiful Series of Puzzles

When I started playing Dorfromantik I was transported to tabletop game nights with friends. Dorfromantik’s hexagonal environment tiles reminded me of hours spent strategizing over Terraforming Mars, swooping up an opponent’s greenery bonuses by plopping a city in the middle of their hard work. I also thought of Settlers of Catan, a game I love less for its strategy than for the way it brings out my friends’ most chaotic selves—my best memories include impractically long “longest railroads,” and friends amassing sheep fiefdoms after ill-fated dice rolls.

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This game was in the Itch racial justice bundle so you might already own it

EDIT: Looks like it was just the demo in the bundle, the demo no longer works it seems


Oh, nice! That’s a pretty important piece of information.