Download Links to podcasts


Hello Waypoint crew! A brazilian fan just creating this to ask you to add a download link to the podacasts. In the last month or so, the pod player changed, since that, i’ve been able do download the podcast through some complicated ways. Using Stitcher, then going to a site that let me download via the stitcher link. Well, it’s not that complicated at all… But some episodes don’t show up on Stitcher right away (some times it takes two or three days). And i can’t listen via streaming since normaly i listen to podcasts while going through my chores, away from home and internet.

Love your #content guys, keep up the good work!


Hey, AlexFMA! Apologies if I’ve misunderstood your question, but I do think that a direct download link is supplied in the articles that come with new episodes. In the paragraph beneath the player, there’s a sentence that reads “If you’d like to directly download the podcast, click here”, with a link to a direct download (Right-click on > Save link as…). That paragraph also links an RSS feed if you want to feed that directly to your podcast-listening application of choice (if you have one), but that wasn’t quite what you were requesting (although is a convenient download method in my experience).

If I’ve misread your question, my apologies!


The issue, robowitch, one that I’ve struggled with lately, is that the RSS feed links directly to the Acast all-in-one player. If you’ve been accustomed to using the RSS feed to download the podcast episodes directly, that is no longer possible now that Waypoint’s using Acast. You have to navigate manually to the news post for the episode and download it there. As far as I can tell, there’s no way to get an RSS feed of the podcast’s news posts—even building a feed out of in Feedly redirects to the download link-less RSS feed with Acast. It’s not world-ending, but it’s an annoying change that offers less features and flexibility for the way that I’ve always listened to podcasts.


I don’t usually use iTunes for podcasts, but last I checked (on iOS) it would allow you to download when you have an internet connection and listen offline (I’ve done it, for instance, for flights) so that might be an option to consider.


This might be unrelated but for the last week or so the Google play feed hasn’t updated at all.


My RSS reader currently points to the new feed ( and the feed has direct download links as part of the data stream, which it renders like this:

There was a slight glitch on Friday where the mp3 file seemed to take about 30 minutes to actually appear on the ACast servers (with a lovely Error 500 when you tried to access it before it was ready but after it had pushed out the new episode via the RSS feed). But other than that and the random ACast ad issues, it seems to have met the base requirements for providing an mp3 file when a new episode is ready.


Sorry for taking so long to reply robowitch. You are totally right. Even after i read your response i struggled to find the link! My bad. It’s there. I don’t know how i never noticed! Thank you!


Nothing to apologise for, hopefully that works out for you! Don’t hesitate to get back to us if you’re having any trouble.


I’m having a related issue. VLC only propagates back to episode 59 of the podcast. I don’t have this issue with any other podcast and asking on the vlc forums was fruitless. Is there an issue with ACast? Is there a better way to get the RSS feed to act as a playlist on Desktop? I want to listen to WR while playing mindless PC games without having to download each episode. There’s also an issue where the podcast dies mid-stream. Not sure if that’s an ACast server issue or what.