Dr. Disrespect Banned from Twitch and E3 After Streaming From Public Bathroom

Guy Beahm, better known on Twitch as Dr DisRespect, got his E3 badge revoked after streaming from a bathroom at the event, the Electronic Software Association—the group that runs E3—confirmed to VICE. Beahm’s Twitch channel remains suspended and “unavailable.” Kotaku first reported the story last night.

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on some level i have to give him credit for being one of the most inventively awful streamers on twitch. like, most of them are happy to just scream racial slurs at each other, but dr disrespect is in the avant-garde of total shitheads.


So what do we think, apology video tomorrow, twitch channel back up by… Monday?

It’d be nice to see him get arrested, because this shit is super illegal

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Lots of awful Twitch streamers still out there, but getting rid off this guy for good would be a step in the right direction. But that is probably too much to hope for.

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Can this asshole just fuck off already?


I’m going to take a quick break from getting angry about Cyberpunk for a few words about this:

  1. In the abstract, “straight white dude famous for playing video games does something vile” is a “dog bites man” story now.
  2. Bathroom. Bills.

Can’t wait for him to get his twitch channel reinstated, him to escalate even further, go way way too far, and get his channel revoked again.

See you in six months.


I was fortunate not to know who this guy was.

His get up suggested he was being satirical.

About a minute into watching him it was clear that, nope he’s definitely for real and definitely asshole.

How does someone this stupid become popular?

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no legal repercussions for this…? shouldn’t filming people (minors?) in a bathroom get you on a sex offender list or something?

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I mean that’s his grift, he’s just “pretending to be a obnoxious gamer asshole” for fun , you know… sAtIrE

Cue the Kurt Vonnegut quotes


Probably but it feels like Youtube and Twitch will let the most prominent streamers get away with a slap on the wrist for anything short of murder.

If they weren’t so dependent on assholes to make their money they’d probably be more proactive, but just like the ToS changes last year about suggestive streamer outfits (which was a bit suss since it was right after a dude had an angry fit over women who he thought did it to steal views) they still word it in a way where they can finagle their way out of taking responsibility by way of technicalities and loopholes.

Much like Youtube refusing to crack down on harmful conspiracy theories, white supremacy and adjacent things, and the all too popular angry-gamer-man-hates-women channel, they make them too much money with their hundreds of hours of videos and a large hate-bubble; companies are all too happy to make ad money on shitty people as long as they don’t get caught doing it.


Can I ask what “Cue Kurt Vonnegut Quotes” is referring to?

His book Mother Night is kinda generally about the idea of what it means to be doing something under the guise of working for a greater good (its been awhile, but the main character is an American spy told to cooperate with Nazis and in the end he is put on trial for assisting Nazis ). The first chapter includes the quote “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be.”


Act like an idiot. You will attract idiots.

(And YouTube/Twitch will reward you).

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