Dr. Disrespect Has Been Unbanned From Twitch Two Weeks After Streaming From Public Bathroom

Hugely popular Twitch streamer Guy Beahm, known on the platform as “Dr DisRespect,” was recently banned from Twitch and had his E3 badge revoked after he broadcasted live from a public bathroom at the games industry convention. The ban was implemented on June 11, but just two weeks later Beahm is back on Twitch.

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Duder literally broke the law by streaming from a public bathroom, and yet, he’s back, because Twitch couldn’t stand not having all that sweet, sweet traffic.

This whole entire industry is just toxic garbage, yeah?


2019 has been the year where even more than usual, capitalism has been really upfront about how much it doesn’t give a shit about anything but another dollar.


Who can say if they would have been susceptible to this same sort of nepotism, but I wish Mixer was a viable enough platform that the few people I watch on Twitch could move over without sacrificing just about all of their regular income.

The way entities like Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube refuse to hold bad actors on their platforms accountable, I would switch over to alternatives in an instant if they demonstrated actual standards for content moderation.

It’s a shame the ones that do exist are compromised by lacking core features, critically low user base, and often a fundamental misunderstanding of what people dislike about the dominant platforms for those services.


Yeah I’m not going to lie if you told me 5 years ago I would have a somewhat positive vibes about Microsoft in 2019 and a very negative opinion of Twitch I would be very confused.


I don’t know what it says about people that it’s the vilest content that people (writ large) seem to have unlimited taste for. I wish I was remotely surprised that twitch can’t walk away from the money/eyeballs?

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And less than a month after YouTube said his channel was going to be demonitized (and all the supposed discoverability issues that come with it) I had three Steven fucking Crowder videos in my recommendations yesterday, just lying in wait between the usual SciShow and Eurogamer recs. Must’ve been all those Oh, Hello clips and Final Fantasy XIV cutscene compilations I’ve been watching recently.

This is modern tech’s response when toxicity boils over to the point that they have to address it, and has been for awhile. Put the people on timeout, maybe accompanied by some “harsh” words and promises to do better, then hope nobody notices a couple weeks later that everything has been walked back.


After hearing Mary Kish say “It works” in regards to Twitch’s TOS on the GB couch a few weeks ago, this kinda sorta stings

She’s obviously not in charge of Twitch as an entire service, but I guess I hoped, ever so briefly that maybe one of these companies gave a single shit


I see that I was slightly too cynical, as it actually took two weeks.


This industry needs to sort out its fucking priorities.


One of these days I am going to be pleasantly surprised by Twitch or YouTube. Today is not that day.


Maybe I can convince you otherwise? https://kotaku.com/socialist-twitch-streamer-says-hes-changing-minds-1834899434

I mean, it’s not that everyone who’s popular and making money on the platforms are bad, right? It’s that the platforms themselves do everything they can to help bad actors become/stay the most successful.

I’ve watched this streamer in the Kotaku article a bit and I really respect the work of just putting yourself out there to try and change the minds of people who don’t like you from the jump, I could NOT do it.


Not gonna lie, I saw my avatar and thought I was being called out for a good thirty seconds before it clicked lol


Some folks might say otherwise, but it’s not insignificant how different the responses are to a man and a woman.


Oh it’s definitely that. I have a handful of streamers I watch who are excellent (bakkooonn, Brian Kibler), and I’m sure there are more out there. It’s just that old loop of extreme material driving clicks driving ad revenue, and Twitch under Amazon and YouTube under Alphabet can’t keep their hands out of the cookie jar.

It’s 100% this.

A man says something outrageous, it’s just a joke. A woman says something outrageous it’s hate speech.

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What she said wasn’t even outrageous.

What Dr. Disrespect DID was outrageous, illegal, and wrong.



Just like fuck Twitch at this point. I’m fucking done with the whole website after this kind of shit happening constantly.

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Twitch = Amazon at this point, and that makes it slightly more believable.

Edit: weird, this was on the top of my new list

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