Dracula Power Tier List:


Hellsing anime
Vampire Hunter D
Hellsing movie
Bram Stoker
Marvel Drac
Bela Lugosi
Leslie Neilson
Eddie Murphy

pls discuss


I haven’t watched enough of these things to decide myself but where would you put buffy dracula on this list


It’s a literal crime that Klaus Kinski’s portrayal in Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu isn’t on that list. He does go by Dracula in that adaptation.


Where does Keith-Lee Castle, Dracula in old british CBBC Kids Show Young Dracula, fit into this?


Marvel Drac
-> Christopher Lee
Bela Lugosi
-> Frank Langella
-> Adam Sandler
Leslie Neilson
Eddie Murphy
-> Dominic Purcell

Can’t quite place where Gerard Butler and Luke Evans go…


Dracula is cool, but I watched A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night last week and I can report that there is a new Best Vampire in town.


We’re not talking about vampires in general, right? This is strictly a ranking of capital “D” Draculas?


I know you weren’t looking for this opinion, but Death from Rondo of Blood outranks every Dracula.

Move Bela Lugosi above Marvel Drac.

Add Nosferatu at least above the Bram Stoker Drac.


Where does Blade Trinity’s Dracula sit on this list


If we’re counting Nosferatu, then Willem DaFoe in Shadow of the Vampire should be on there, somewhere.

Richard Roxburgh’s Dracula in Van Helsing deserves to rank lower than Neilson and Murphy, in my opinion.

Then there’s Duncan Regehr’s Dracula in The Monster Squad. He has the (dis)honor of being the only one, I think, to call a little girl a bitch.

I’ve sadly not seen the movie yet, but where do any of you think William Marshall’s performance as Blacula should rank?

I’m hesitant to mention this movie, because of the director, but Ferdy Mayne’s pastiche of Dracula in The Fearless Vampire Killers is good.

Also, Udo Kier’s performance in Warhol’s Blood for Dracula deserves to rank up there with Christopher Lee as one of the best.