Dragon Age 4 (expectations and desires)

I recently decided to finally finish Inquisition and while in the process rediscovered my love for the series. Now I’m on a quest to consume all the dragon age content that I allowed to slip by me. (books, movies, dlc, etc)

What are some of your expectations and desires for the next Dragon Age game?

What are some of your favorite moments and characters from the past?

Bonus: I’m sure no one would mind a little Mass Effect speculation, if your heart so desires.


I just want a game that I don’t spend the majority of my playthrough criticizing it. Inquisition is a game I played through twice but I don’t think it is a good game. Does it have fantastic character moments and pretty rad DLC in Trespasser? Sure but I loathed the combat. I loathed the crafting, the war table, the main antagonist of the vanilla story, the sidequests, the empty open world, and the two other pieces of DLC content.

As far as Mass Effect I just want them to go back to that Star Trek esque feeling that 1 had. I want to explore, be a captain of a strange crew instead of 2 and 3 where I was Space Jesus.


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For DAIV, I’d hope to finally visit Tevinter. It would be incredible to see BioWare’s take on Thedas’s Byzantine Empire, plus all the stuff they can do with the Chantry and the history of Andraste. If they can also fit in Par Vollen, I’d be over the moon. Gameplay wise, I’d hope the recent success of Pillars of Eternity and other modern CRPGs convinces the devs to make something closer to Dragon Age: Origins. Smaller, denser, and more linear locations. There’s no reason everything has to be open world!

I’d also go beyond Mass Effect speculation, and consider what other properties BioWare could bring back. I think at this point it’s a “when” not “if” that another KotOR gets made, given the wind down of the MMO and EA holding a Star Wars license that needs polishing after Battlefront II. I’d prefer new stuff, but after the Anthem reveal, I don’t trust it’ll be anything I’d get excited about.

…And maybe a Jade Empire Remastered would be nice?


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(real thoughts to follow later)


I need a Jade Empire sequel. Need it. I was 14 I guess when that came out and I remember feeling great that a game had an Asian aesthetic but wasn’t some anime ass anime stuff. I wouldn’t feel that way again until Sleeping Dogs came out.



Real thoughts also to follow from me later.


Better branching paths that aren’t lock behind collecting items but behind information you gather (Miss out on having a empress and a Elf servant get together to not only open their relationship up but help the Elf community to have a say in their kingdom).
Also more bisexuals!

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That Tevinter angle is really interesting. The world of Dragon Age has so much space for interesting stories and so far I have yet to be disappointed by the story aspects of the games released.

You’re totally right, the CRPG boom did kind of “peek” recently. It would be awesome for the next Dragon Age to kind of revisit its past.
Would you enjoy some kind of side story that takes on an even more different genre? (like a Dragon Age meets X-comm, or a stealth game where you play as an Orlesian spy.) I’m completely sold one the world, so I’ll buy whatever they put out. (mmmmm maybe not a moba, but definitely a Card Game)


In my perfect world Bioware decides that instead of making DAIV they would make an anthology series of 10-20 hour games set in various cities or settlements showcasing an interesting period in that locations history through the lens of a main character who has some influence but is ultimately not able to completely control how things shake out.

Basically I want DAII but shorter/tighter and with more time and money put into it. DAII had problems but it did so many things I loved that other RPGs don’t even seem interested in attempting.

Sadly this is probably never going to happen so my more plausible hope is that we get the DAIV @Navster described. Smaller, denser and set in Tevinter all sounds great to me.


For the love of Andraste, no more darkspawn.

Also, let’s do boats. Tired of walking around everywhere. Let’s not just do Tevinter, let’s do that whole end of the map. I want to see what’s going on in Seheron and Par Vollen. There’s a bunch of islands around there, and Isabela has to be pirating somewhere.

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I played all of DA:I in december. I had played the original release back in 2014 but I hadn’t seen any of the DLC. Knowing what to skip, which character builds I enjoyed and which content I’d missed changed the experience completely. It’s one of my favourite RPG experiences of the last few years now and the Trespasser in particular is one of the best pieces of add-on content I’ve ever played.

All that said, I think DAIV is gonna suck. The BioWare and EA of today isn’t capable producing a game that can live up to the highs of Inquisition, which was already a game compromised by the desire to be marketable to a wider audience. If the design and structure aren’t fundamentally undermined by EA’s business practices, the success or failure of Anthem (I think both will result in the same outcome) will engulf what we think of as BioWare and kill any chance of a game that lives up to the legacy of the previous games, two of which have already deviated from the foundation of Origins to variable success.

But fuck, imagine how good a game set in Tevinter about gearing up to take on one of BioWare’s best villains that they spent a whole game developing as a character could be! For all its issues, Inquisition sets up a world-ending scenario that’s deeply rooted in subverting the myths and addressing the injustices present in Thedas. Trespasser and The Descent revealed that certain accepted truths about the Dragon Age universe are either untrue or misbegotten and that sets up a potentially incredible sequel and end to the series. The world I left at the Inquisition was one that I consider to be absolute canon, which is something I haven’t felt about an RPG since KOTOR 2 and I really hope that DA:IV does that experience justice.


yep, this is pretty much all i’d want. both of those are locations that are at risk of the “area described in text only ends up being underwhelming when made into a visual environment” a la Cyrodiil but DA:I’s art direction was solid enough that i’d trust them to at least do Tevinter in a good way. Par Vollen would be incredible but I feel like with every new game in the series they retcon a large part of what the qunari are and i’m sure a Par Vollen game would have a ton of that


I finished DAI in January and enjoyed my time in it a bunch. I enjoy the roleplay, decision making, picking cool clothes and exploration more than anything else. The story arc itself was hit and miss but there were moments that rocked my socks off. Standouts for me were the orlesian court, the desert temple with everyone frozen in time, stumbling upon dwarven ruins and playing cards with everyone near the end of the story.

Looking ahead to IV I hope they have your AI companions to learn from their mistakes in combat, then make new more interesting ones. Having Cassandra, Iron Bull or Solas stand too far away from a dragon and trigger its wing ability made since the first time it happened. The dozenth time it was just infuriating and eating up health potions. Beyond the mechanical frustration, I know through cutscenes and dialogue that these characters are competent. Iron Bull and Cassandra especially are not the kind warriors who repeat tactical mistakes twice but the game’s AI says otherwise.

Ideally, my companions would make combat decisions that compliment their personality while also Each learning by fighting different enemies. Give me a better blend of Combat and story.

Also as much as I appreciate having cool content locked behind romances I’m only going to play a 90+ hour game once. Give me a chapter select where I can play through different love lines. My Inquisitor, Prudence fell hard for Blackwall and the relationship had an arc I didn’t see coming at all. It upset me and I felt betrayed and then learned to forgive. It made me wonder what I’d missed with everyone else.


It kills me to say it, but I legit feel like the best-case scenario for DA4 is another Inquisition - a disorganized rush job with another mile-wide/inch-deep open world, minimal effort put into the story, and probably lootboxes. The people who made Dragon Age what it was just aren’t there anymore, and nothing I’ve seen from EA lately makes me think they even care that much about maintaining their franchises; look at how easily they shelved Mass Effect.

I have a deep affection for Dragon Age (having played all three over the last two years) even if I can see the flaws in each of them - nothing’s since given me a better fictional world to project into as I wander about picking up Elfroot and daydreaming. After I finished all of them I sat down and noted an epilogue for all my PCs (and their wives) so I could pick up that little personal fiction whenever DAIV comes out and compare it. I’m invested in the story it’s telling and desperately want the next Dragon Age to be good.
On the other hand I’m trying to temper all my expectations because the news out of Bioware sounds very bad and it’s possible if Anthem crashes and burns it could take Dragon Age with it. I hope that if it has be released as a stripped down, janky mess they strip out the bad stuff (empty side quests, crafting, dry combat) and keep the character writing. Hell, Dragon Age at its most minimal is an outstanding branching visual novel with dating sim elements- if it keeps the series alive I’ll take that version.

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i really want to like not be some super special type of dude/dudette/duderino like the Inquisitor or the Warden were. Being the Dragonborn is nice sometimes but i’d rather be Just Some Asshole wandering around and getting in the way of these big important events, ala New Vegas. One of the reasons 2 is my favourite of the series is that Hawke is like that at least initially, so i’d prefer a situation like that again but with wider scope.

also please for the love of god shut the fuck up about the mages and the templar bioware i am begging you, you’re not even good at it

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In a nutshell, less MMO more RPG.

I’d rather have a much shorter/linear but more story/character driven game than the vast, empty and ultimately meaningless expanses of Inquisition.


expectations: inquisition again
desires: not that

I love character and hate plot (and the plot of inquisition honestly wasn’t great anyway) but even character wise… inquisition had too many. like, I really wanted to like vivienne, but: what did she do? she was nothing. she was all setup and style and very little substance. ‘get me a heart. okay. well, end of story.’ then she talks like we’re best friends which I guess just means I never pissed her off too badly? which leads me to…

the approval system in inquisition really kind of feels like an unnecessary holdover from the previous games. it feels like everyone’s gonna like you unless you try really hard to specifically make them not. I can see it might not be for everyone but I enjoyed the approval system in 2 - half my party loathed me and I loved it.
so either get rid of it or make it feel meaningful again, basically.

essentially I agree with much of the above - smaller, character focused, preferably not playing A Chosen One or whatever.

but I’m not hugely optimistic tbh


I understand Inquisition did quite well. So, unfortunately, we’ll probably get more of that.