Dragon Age 4 (expectations and desires)


I’d be lying if I said I don’t want more of what Inquisition gave us. I have spent 860 hours and counting on that game. Here are a few points that I would like to see: (ETA: a lot of this is spoiler-ish for Trespasser/what people working for Bioware have hinted at):

  • slams hands on table Tevinter! Tevinter!
  • Dorian!!!
  • Maevaris Tilani being an important character, but only if written and treated respectfully (come on, Bioware, you gotta get it right at least once).
  • Well written new characters.
  • Meaningful cameos by established characters. (Emphasis on meaningful. Not another “Morrigan as advisor on elven lore”.)
  • Honestly for my personal tastes the combat can stay the same, because I am not interested in the tactics as they were in da:o, but I’d like the return of a healing spell maybe?
  • The crafting system was needlessly convoluted, but since I do expect that Bioware is going to double down on crafting at least make that system better. Make it easier to compare new armor to the armor you already own, and let me add attachments to weapons and armor in the same place as where I am creating the armor in the first place. (I really did like the custom-ish armor coloring options!)
  • Let me punch Solas in the face.

(Worst case but not 100% out of the question scenario of course is Bioware getting fridged and this game will never get made.)


Wait, I’ve got a definite before I even get into my long-ass post: Better qunari hair options. They owe us that one and they know it.

Also better black hair, and by that I mean better Black hair and better hair in the shade of black because, yes, Vivienne wore some badass hats but we all know that was Bioware’s out to not have to try and make Black hair and then there was also no way to make an Inquisitor with properly black colored hair unless you went a’moddin.

And I’m still serious about romancing a dragon. Alexis Kennedy, you brilliant twisted wordsmith of a tiger, don’t disappoint me.


I’m open to genre experimentation, as long as it doesn’t come at the expense of lore and world-building. The last thing I’d want is Anthem re-skinned as Thedas.


Been reading through this thread excitedly because I’m thrilled that lots of other folks are as into the DA universe as I am. I worried a lot of people had fallen off after the last couple of games (which I still loved despite their faults). I’m actually planning on playing through DAI again soon. I would do DAO and 2 again, too, but I have already exhausted just about everything those games have to offer having spent over 600 hours in each.

I agree with what a lot of you are saying. Smaller and more focused. Or if you’re going to do a more open world sort of thing, make each location compact and filled with interesting things to do, not huge and dotted with boring “points of interest” that are anything but interesting (more DAO than DAI, please).

And holy shit, please give us a Jade Empire sequel. That game was amazing and I loved the setting and mythology and combat and systems and AAHGHGHG


I have a lot of feelings about dragon age, generally. I will definitely want to play a dragon age 4, regardless of what it is. Might take me a while (I only just played inquisition over the last few months) but, I definitely will. And as long as there’s a compelling gay love interest, I’ll end up basically happy.

I played 2 first. I don’t know what exactly made me pick up a game that was so clearly a sequel, but, I did, and I loved it, so: hooray. It was the first game of this sort of genre/style I had played that let me kiss a dude (as a dude), and the fact anders initiates… I’m sold I love him yes all my choices in this game were ‘what will make anders like me’ (fenris and merril detested me, natch)
then, of course, he screwed me over. and I love it. betrayal is good stuff. I was and am thrilled to get that kind of story for a gay romance, frankly.
(I forgave him but only for awful gameplay/story segregation reasons - I relied heavily on his healing at this point, and we’re right before the endgame? no you need to stick around. pretty sure I retconned this decision for inquisition and told him to leave. inquisition hawke said things with anders were ‘complicated’. perfect.)

then I played origins! (after I figured out ‘origins’ did not denote a prequel, and this was just the ‘dragon age 1’ I was looking for) and zevran… didn’t grab me. if I ever replay I’ll give him a fairer shake maybe, but… I downloaded a mod so I could gay romance alistair. (“you’re nothing like the girls back home” you don’t say, huh)
which, leads to a drastic alteration in my warden’s behaviour (stops making deals with demons etc. - narratively we say this is alistair being a good influence on him) and then, again, the endgame…
I was all geared up to sacrifice myself so he could live but then he sacrificed himself so I could live. and I couldn’t stop him. we got a tragedy this time. again I love it.
ideally I’d have my warden nope out after that point, but I couldn’t figure out how to have a different warden-commander in the same world so, he returns. I’ve “headcanoned” that he steps through the eluvian with morrigan at the end of witch hunt. they were best friends. screw it, let’s go.

and then inquisition. dorian. he’s just a wonderful charming man. and he didn’t betray me, or die, and I didn’t die (I really was starting to worry the anchor was going to kill me towards the end there). my (ex-)inquisitor just, gets to be happy. thank the maker.

I love my boys. end of post. thank.


My expectation is that Bioware is going to make a great game…

…For EA to poop on.


Yes! Extremely under-appreciated game IMO


Well as a spirited DAII fan I think I’m going to echo a lot of what’s already been said wishing for a DAIV that is more linear but deeper, more focused on story than MMO-esque systems…

Actually if I could just have DAII again, I’d certainly be happy. Other people would not be, but I would be happy.

Sure, the ending of Trespasser implied a covert force composed of the remaining forces of what was the Inquisition going after the true villain but really that sounds like an excuse to go on some Andromeda-ass fetch quests that are supposed to build up the power of your faction. Sure, there was finally a decent villain that had the power to elevate the grand plot beyond the low point of Inquisition, everyone’s having fun wondering what characters will side with Solas or the Inquisitor (Am I annoyed that my Elf-quisitor couldn’t make the wrong decision and side with Solas? You know it.), and we were finally told we were going north to Tevinter which all indicators say is where the best clothes are but if I could have another lean mean game tight focused on getting you really immersed in the half-adventure, half-mundane life of the player, their friends, and the world of Dragon Age, I’d find that pretty damn great, probably moreso than the grand impersonal scales that Bioware got obsessed with at some point around ME3. Wait, no, that’s not even true because ME3 had things on a galactic level but still effectively worked in great character moments and interesting world building. What the Hell went wrong with you Bioware?

And lastly, Bioware, please be nice to me and not fall into doing what Obsidian’s doing with their elaborate throwback CRPG mechanics. Yes, I know there’s that raving hardcore group that would love nothing more than to slave over a stats sheet to properly min-max their PC but as a filthy casual I’ve realized with age and experience that that many numbers isn’t at all a good way to get me hooked at the beginning or even middle of a game. This is especially true in a game that warrants multiple playthrough. If I fine tuned this one character I don’t actually want to go through that process again and again just to see what happens if I make a different decision. I played DA:O and DAII like five times each because the nit and grit of strategy and tactics can just be ignored at easy difficulties. Obviously I didn’t do that in DA:I because rolls eyes DA:I but even there I loved that I did not need to give a damn about optimizing my build so in that regard just keep doing what you’re doing.

Now, how do we all feel about the XCOM/Fire Emblem esque turn based strategy that I think Mark Darrah has hinted the existence of just enough for it to probably be a thing? The way your party members in DAII all had deep relationships with each other leads me to believe those Bioware writers could write some mean support chains.


I’m probably less down on DA:I than a lot of people but I wasn’t happy about the game’s combat moving farther and farther away from tactical combat, so turn-based tactical combat is something I am 100% on board with. However, if they are going to do that, I do wonder how they’re going to construct the world you walk around in, because I can see just laying a turn based system on top of how Dragon Age has always worked, where you just start fights as you’re exploring being rough if not handled well. Lots of different ways your party could be in weird spots because of pathfinding if they stick with the big spaces with vertical movement like they had in DA:I.


As someone who loved Baldur’s Gate to death, but has been growing more and more disenchanted with the Dragon Age series with each installment, I’m trying to figure out what I would want from a new Dragon Age game.

Mechanics and UI:

  1. Top-down control mechanisms. Dragon Age Origins had an effective version of this, and then DA2 and DAI very much did not. Maybe this is me trying to make the game something it wasn’t, but half the reason I bounced off the second and third games was the abysmal control schemes, and never being able to efficiently control how I wanted my character and her allies to move and fight. “Guess I’ll just turn the game difficulty down to Easy and skip through fights because the controls are so frustrating” is not the place I want a game to be in.
  2. No enemies randomly spawning in my backline because I got to Phase II of the fight. (Not that I’m still bitter.)
  3. A more refined wartable. This is one of the things I loved about Inquisition – the ability to take actions beyond just the swords-reach of my squad, to command forces and make decisions that utilized the full strength of my organization. (And not having to open up a dialog tree to do so.) Hell, I’d like the ability to actually have some granular command of forces, whether those were troops or individual agents or whatnot.
  4. No to three gazillion minor fetchquests please! I hated the MMO feeling that Inquisition had.

Beyond that, story-wise, I’m going to echo several of the previous posters here: better branching paths, boats are good, more LGBTQIA representation (and no shitty jokes at the expense of trans folks, thanks), the main character not having any mystical anointment but just being a Regular But Badass Person, no more mages/templars, better black hair options - VERY YES to all of these.

Also a culture drawing upon some Middle Eastern or South Asian inspiration that isn’t the qunari, thanks.

Finally yes, supporting a new Jade Empire.


Dragon Age needs to definitively decide if there are East Asian looking people in Thedas. Whites, Blacks, Latinos, Middle Easterners, Indians? Yep, visually represented in some fashion consistent with the lore. East Asians though? Arguably there were some minor characters in DA:O who looked like East Asian was the intention but the limitations of the character creation and Bioware just not caring enough led to a poor execution and then they haven’t even seemed to try from there.


Agreed with the above about how to tack away from the current “MMO-ish” design and absolutely would love to see an anthology of stories (which also gets rid of the issue of making an RPG power curve you can ride for 100+ hours without ever having scaling issues or just running out of interesting things to do with it - especially if you make the system have hybrid or sub-classes then it makes a lot of sense to tell shorter stories and allow players to investigate the wealth of options via several protagonists and allies in many stories in a world).

The way the combat has moved towards action doesn’t really work for me (because it never quite feels like the games that focus on action and, unlike Mass Effect, it doesn’t feel like there’s an easy path to “good enough” they can reach) and I’d actually be interested in them having another shot at splitting things PC and console like DA:O. Give PC players the PC RPG experience that Bioware became famous for, only streamlined and more accessible, while consoles retain much of the system design but keep a more action-focused presentation that de-emphasises the stop-start planning and command giving (and tweaking the AI/difficulty to match). There could be a case for allowing each version to access the other option (as lots of PCs now hook up to TVs, probably less demand for making the PC system work well with controllers [there is an a11y case for exactly that, which would lead to a relatively easy path to just including that option on consoles too] although it’s not like no tactical games have done that sort of work before) but as a default then that feels like a good split.


I think I’m perhaps realizing that I don’t want to actually play a Dragon Age game but instead just want to experience the story.

Exceedingly overproduced DA visual novel, please!

Or I guess visual novel implies the wrong thing. A visual novel with less reading, more cutscenes? You get the idea, I hope.


Just do DAO’s system again. Stop trying new things because they are all bad and terrible. No faction leading crap with resource gathering and letting other people do the interesting stuff, no keeping things centered on one city that’s not at all interesting, none of that. Stop.

That said do not do long dungeons ever again and stop putting fireball spewing mages behind giant doors these are bad things we can safely leave behind.

Also never repeat anything that happened in any content based around city elves because that is all terrible.

Also no Alistair ever again.


Make it be like the Sonic RPG


The dialog choices were basically that part in one of the Yakuza games where you can either be mild or BE SPICY and lend a hand


I would like for the next Dragon Age game to be more Dragon Age: Origins in style, but I think that, at best, the next Dragon Age game will be a better Dragon Age: Inquisition. I can’t really see EA green lighting a throwback game, especially when the first two games did not blow away sales expectations. I just hope that BioWare is allowed to make a more focused game with less busywork to do in order to fit an arbitrary content quota.


ok i know this is not what you said but i now really really want DA4 to just be about Kiryu appearing in Thedas and being Kiryu at everyone


In DAIV we’ll go to Tevinter and meet Magister Majima.

No that’s not some DA version of Majima, it’s proper Yakuza Goro Majima who somehow wound up in Thedas, rolled with it, and inevitably wound up in a position of power.


Like a telltale style dragon age game but without the weirdo “gamey” stuff you do in TT games?