Dragon Ball Super - Tournament of Power Arc


So unless I missed it, it seems like there is no Dragon Ball Super thread here. A show this popular surely has at least a few Waypoint fans besides me right? I have been in love with all things Dragon Ball ever since first catching an episode of Vegeta vs Perfect Cell while flipping through channels many years ago. Dragon Ball Super has been top tier Dragon Ball and while the current season had a bit of a slow start, things have really been ramping up as we lose more and more fighters. Here is a nice visual of the fighters currently left in the tournament of power (image courtesy of Vish on Twitter).

So how are you all feeling about the tournament? I legitimately believed and wanted Universe 6 to win and wish back Universe 7 but after losing Hit and seeing Cabba get stomped so effortlessly I don’t think Kale can carry U6 to victory on her own. Barring some crazy shakeup, it is really starting to look like Universe 7 is going to win via timeout.


I’m just hoping Vegeta doesn’t get jobbed and at least gets to fight Jiren before he gets knocked off the stage…but it doesn’t seem too likely atm.

Goku’s new form was awesome and I hope it’s repeatable.


I’m waiting for the blue Gohan. the fact there’s enough sayans still in give me hope. they will probably keep the fusions for the next bad guy :wink:


god i hope all the universes are wished back in some fashion. There are too many fun characters to just leave for dead.

and yeah now that you mention it I see universe 7 winning on a technicality. i heard somewhere the arc is going to end some time in November. if that’s the case in the next 5 weeks at most we’re either seeing 27 eliminations with 1 left standing or eliminations of the less developed universes via combat before the time is up.


Last episode was fun. Frieza staying best villain and Cabbage getting jobbed like he should.


Vegetal getting called second fiddle :joy:


I was so happy to see Frieza mess Cabba up. Vegeta confirming that he was going to use the Super Dragon Balls to revive everyone (or at least Cabba’s universe) was great too. Vegeta is the real hero of this arc. Hopefully he gets to actually do something soon…


I hope Gohan is the one to defeat Jiren in some kind of decisive battle.


I’m hoping he at least gets to knock someone important out. Goku vs Jiren round 2 is gonna be the big show of this arc but Vegeta needs some lovin.


The Cabba ep. was surprisingly well animated :]


I’ve been loving this arc; I honestly hope it being “half over” is true in real time, as well. I’d be very surprised if the erased universes aren’t brought back in some manner.


Except universe 9. No one wants it back.


Been waiting for Piccolo and 18 to do something worthwhile. Anytime now :expressionless:


That’s the one with the foxes? I kind of liked them haha.


The Trio De Dangerous were alright. The supreme ki was awful though.


I’ve been enjoying it. Some episodes are a lot better than others, though :stuck_out_tongue:

Frieza seems to be planning to overthrow the gods at some point, and I’m looking forward to seeing that.


YES! I was hoping a thread like this would show up! Decent episode this weekend. Cabba… sigh. I had high hopes for you son. Looks like you are going to be a 2nd class character now that Kale and Caulifla took your shine. I was hoping that he would have a unique trait. Even if it was that even though he wasn’t the strongest he was a smart fighter. Oh well. Am I the only one who thought that Frieza let him off easy? I would have thought that he would have enjoyed have a new saiyan toy to play with!


Frieza probably only stopped because he couldn’t kill him. Though if Frieza could kill he would be doing it left and right.


I thought Vegeta was going to be angry about Freeza taking out cabbage


At least Cabba got to SSJ2 before getting eliminated. I like his character but he is definitely taking a backseat in this arc.

Given how they have shown Jiren so far, I’d like to see him last in this tournament until time runs out even if his team loses.