Dragonball FighterZ looks like it could be the best Dragon Ball game we've ever gotten


Okay so I’m a huge nerd for Dragon Ball and for generations of consoles there just hasn’t been a good video game adaptation of that series (yes I’m including all the Budokai games in that). I don’t even know why that’s been the case, you’d think that series would have a great place in this medium but none so far have really captured the essence of the show’s fights up until now and all have some serious critical flaws that make the gameplay janky or the visuals are… off (i.e. every Raging Blast game). I think a lot of past games have brought something interesting in each one but they never seem to bring them together in a cohesive whole.

Enter Dragonball FighterZ. For all the gameplay footage that we’ve seen (which is quite a bit), I am frankly blown away by the true to series art style, the sheer impact of the hits and how tight it all seems. I could be getting my hopes up but this is looking legitimately promising. What do fans of the series and non-fans think of it so far? I’ve been told by my irl friend who hasn’t watched an episode of the show that this game is the first that looks enjoying as a fighting game, not just a Dragon Ball game. Does that sentiment reign true for others?


I agree. Game is gorgeous, fast, true to the anime/manga and all my faves are already in. Plus it looks like it’s gonna be a great competitive fighter and will give us DBZ EVO finals. What’s not to like ?


I wanted to make a doke about how Guilty Gear is the best Dragonball video game, but it hurts too much by virtue of it being true.

I’ve been practically vibrating whenever I think about this game, because Guilty Gear plus MVC with Dragonball characters is extremely my shit. And the details are all amazing!

The clock pausing whenever a character charges their attacks is just… perfect.


Team Four Star just posted a highlight reel of them playing the demo. I’ve been sold on this game since I heard about it but watching them play(and play in character, with voices) confirmed that I’m buying this right away.


watching that E3 trailer made me feel like a kid again in a way that I have rarely experienced before. It is unquestionably the greatest realization of what Dragon Ball was as a manga and an anime, I mean it just looks… perfect.


i’m still skeptical of the hype but i cant deny that this is the most excited i’ve been about a fighting game since Xrd came out


i think the big open world 3D dragon ball fighters were pretty fun, but fighterz just looks gorgeous and with the 2.5D aspect you’re going to see a lot of DB fans and competitive fighting game fans happy.


My best friend and I first bonded over Dragon Ball Z and fighting games. It’s great that those two things have came together so beautifully in this game.

I just hope there’s a noob friendly control scheme so we can still have a flashy battle, we never got that hardcore into advanced FGC stuff.


Agreed. I’m pretty stoked for this even though I fully expect to be…not very good at it.
I also really like Extreme Butoden, which in some ways is maybe a precursor to Fighterz (same dev, teams of characters).


There is no doubt in my mind that this will be the best DB game but a part of me is scared that it will not sell well nor be well received by the fandom because they are now so used to 3D arena Tenkaichi/Xenoverse type of games. For them it will feel like a stepback.


I’ve played way to many dbz fighting games so I was immediately all in on this one. I do wish the roster had more Dragon Ball Super characters as I’ve kind of seen a lot of the DBZ cast and like the Super cast a lot more. the 3v3 aspect I’m also worried might be a bit too much for me, as I never could deal that well with Marvel 3 or 2.

then again my favorite dbz fighting is Hyper Dimension on Super Famicom so what do I know


This is the best way to sell this game. I would pay many, many, zenny for a TFS voice pack.


I’m curious to see how many new bodies this gets into fighting games, if those new bodies will actually get into it enough to learn how fighting games work, and if they’ll go on to play other fighting games that don’t have Dragon Ball characters in them.

I know the Persona games pulled some people in, but in terms of popularity Dragon Ball is in another stratosphere.


I’ve never been a DragonBall fan. I watched it a little in the late 90’s, but never became an avid fan. After seeing the game’s trailer I became interested. I used to like fighting games, but stopped playing when I reached the “you need to memorize moves to get any better” level. But this game has what I like, I think. A lot of really cool looking action with, if you want, very minimal move memorization. I realize the advanced stuff is in there for those who want it, which is awesome.

I will likely buy this if the reviews are good.

edit: Dragonball is one word, not two! :slight_smile:


I played through both xenoverse 1 and 2. While I enjoyed bits of it, it functioned more like a time sink and the majority of it felt like a slog.

Excited to have DBZ game with actual engaging gameplay for once and just a good new fighting game that people are excited about in general.


I feel like Xenoverse 2 was pretty much the Dragon Ball game I had always been waiting for. The expert missions in particular are fantastic as a team of six work together to beat one overpowered character. Like the Broly expert mission for example. When he locks on to you and starts chasing you it gives you the exact “oh shit I need to run” feeling that you would want it to have. The coop missions where everyone in a party is fighting a different enemy on the same map also gives that same perfect DBZ feeling.

Don’t get me wrong, FighterZ look beautiful but I feel like the 3v3 frantic action would have better served One Piece or My Hero Academia. I will be there day one but in terms of living out the childhood DBZ fantasy I think that the only thing that will be able to top Xenoverse 2 is another Xenoverse game.


Yeah, I’m pretty hyped. I hope that my love for Dragon Ball will push me to dedicate more time to learning this game than I’ve afforded to fighting games in the past.

There’s only a couple things that might hold it back, like if the game didn’t launch with language options (which I know is rare but Breath of the Wild didn’t have it at launch and that definitely hurt the experience for me.) The other thing is that the story mode doesn’t seem like it’ll be anything special. But man, the art, the animation, and the fact that the game actually seems really good, it seems like a dream come true.


The way I feel about this game right now is the way a lot of people felt about Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey when their trailers were first starting to get passed around. I was sure immediately that this would be a 2018 Game of the Year contender, which is WAAAAAAAAAAAY too premature of a thing to say, but everything’s just seemed so right so far. Could it turn out to be a terrible disappointment? Sure, of course it could. But so far, everything I’ve seen gives me nothing but good vibes and hope. This is on track to being the DBZ game that people have been trying to mod into existence for a generation.

My one hope, which may not pan out, is that I would love to see some Dragonball Super characters show up. I can think of a half dozen that’d be great, just for their design alone…but with the DLC plans already laid out, part of me thinks the odds of new characters from Super making the cut are low. They’re currently planning on eight DLC characters, and it wouldn’t be hard to fill those slots with more characters that people would have nostalgia for (I refuse to believe they won’t add Broli, for example). I imagine Berus will be in there, since they’ve already pulled from the Battle of Gods movie…and I could see throwing in things like Radiz, kid Gohan, maybe even Great Saiyaman or some movie villains…fusion characters, or Goten/Trunks. It’d be easy to eat up all the DLC slots without ever touching Super, so hopefully they won’t draw that line in the sand and never cross it.


I don’t really feel like this game will get many INTO fighting games. there’s just way too much in the genre at this point to really be accessible except to the most dedicated.

I imagine it’ll be more like Injustice in that it picks up casual fans who like the story and want to play with friends. I’ve got a lot of friends who picked that game up, enjoyed it, and kind of stopped playing after.


Arcsys has come by far the closest to making an actual good introduction to how to play fighting games so there’s a chance. It also seems like playing effectively doesn’t require anything very technical, though that’s harder to say before release. Never know what people will end up finding, though I doubt anything like HnK basketball combos will make a comeback. Wouldn’t be surprised to find something like TAC infinites or HSD glitch from marvel games eventually but that doesn’t really have any impact on casual play.