'Dragon's Dogma,' a Great Game No One Played, Hits Xbox, PS4 on October 3

Don't be one of those people. Be like Austin and Patrick: play 'Dragon's Dogma.'

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Just gonna plug this Dragon’s Dogma thread for anyone who wants to get an idea why people love this game so much. It is worth checking out at the very least.

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I’m glad that this game is seeing a second release and I hope it continues to see some kind of success on all these platforms. I can’t pretend that I’m personally eager to pick it up, since I brushed off Dragon’s Dogma in a big way when I first played it, but I can still be happy for the other folks who do enjoy it.

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I love this game and will be picking it up yet again. It’ll be nice to play on a system that doesn’t run like molasses (I love you PS3 but phew).

hey thanks, I still love this game a bunch

Always thought it looked really cool, but never played it. Will hopefully do so this year (if I get the time). I don’t think there are too many other big releases coming along that interest me, so it’s nice with some goodies from the past.

I loved this game a lot. The pawn system is one of the most interesting, promising mechanics I’ve seen in a game; also one of the most broken. The idea of your pawn learning over time what you want them to do and being able to hire the pawns of other people is so friggin’ cool… but when it comes down to actually getting your pawn to do what you want, you need hours and hours of patience and a guide sitting open beside you the whole time. I hope that at some point either another series picks up where DD left off or it gets a sequel that turns the pawn system into what it always should have been.

Edit: also the character creator in DD was fantastic and I’ll never forget the amazing Mulder/Scully team I was able to make

DD is probably my favourite game of all time, to the point that I’m really genuinely considering getting a PS4 for this, despite already having maxed characters on the 360 and PC versions. I really hope these re-releases are Capcom raising brand awareness for a sequel. Probably not, but I can dream.


I wish I had more time to play this again. I still think of that ending to this day.

I never played this, but after hearing a bunch of people I trust (including Austin and Patrick) talk it up, I’m definitely buying it.

ahh Dragon’s Dogma is such a fantastic game!!! and it has a great character creator too, one of the few rpgs i can think of that let you customize your body in a meaningful way and not just your face.

I’m not sure you get to say that no one played Dragon’s Dogma after it sold ~750k copies on Steam alone. :f
I do love the game as well though, the pawns really made it something special.