'Drawful' Shows How Witty Humor Can Prevail Over Shock

It feels better to be the funniest person in the room than the 'edgiest.'

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Given that The Witness is the official teacher’s pet and Final Fantasy XV was kinda the class clown, I think I agree with the parting comment of this piece…

I’ve always loved the cleverness of the ‘likes’ trophy in Drawful. While I’ve not played the game myself (but watched a fair amount on streams), the capacity to make something smart or injoke-y as a vehicle for in-game success is really clever. The only time when I feel like it hasn’t served its proper purpose is when a game is being streamed to a wide audience where, on occasion, vulgarity and memery can win out over humour. That said, Cards Against Humanity-style ‘shock humour’ rarely seems to have a place in the game, although I’m sure there’s groups where it is.

I’ve found that when you play drawful or other jackbox games with a room of people that don’t know each other you tend to see vulgar/shock play get more traction.

I suspect that is because nobody has a very good sense of each other’s humor but just about anyone can get some chuckles with a “well” played body humor joke.


The best rounds of Jackbox games I’ve watched have come from the Polygon staff, and for good reason: they’re one of the only groups on YouTube that doesn’t rely on shock value for humor, and it shows.

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I might be too immature for Waypoint because PC jokes will struggle to make me chuckle but shock humour will knock me on the floor and have me laughing uncontrollably. Having said that, it gets harder to be shocked each time and you become desensitised.

The first game of Cards Against Humanity was hilarious, but each subsequent game became more tedious.

I’m probably in the same boat as you, but I’ve increasingly found that vulgarity for The sake of vulgarity just doesn’t do anything for me anymore. Like, there needs to be more to The punchline than gross out humor to actually make it work for me. Guys like Frankie Boyle, especially hos most recent work, find a Way to ude vulgarity to enhance their overall ideal and jokes, it’s generally not just done in The name of being nasty

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