Dream Game/Music Artist Combo?


As a composer for games who is often in charge of sound budgets, I’ve thought a lot about music artists from outside the game industry that I’d love to get involved in composing for games. Both my dream picks that will probably never happen and great picks that are actually feasible to grab for a feature or two. So far I’ve been able to get rapper Sammus for a feature on the credits song of Read Only Memories. For the fighting game Cerebrawl, I’m courting some underground hip-hop artists I loved growing up to kind of create a personal dream team soundtrack. I want to make game music quirkier and better by going this route.

But let’s talk about scenarios with a limitless musical budget, for fun. What music artist would you love to have as a guest composer on a video game? You can specify the type of game if you want. Some of the ones I’d love:

Fat Jon (of Samurai Champloo fame) on an action game
Kamasi Washington (modern jazz legend) on a first person narrative exploration type game, or a highly visual experience like Journey. Holy shit, that would be my shit.
The Neptunes doing a rhythm game
Aphex Twin doing absolutely anything

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Remake/spiritual successor to Lucky and Wild featuring and starring Mike and El from Run the Jewels.

He hangin’ out the window, I hold the wheel, one black, one white, we shoot to kill


Oh shit. That opens it up to all kinds of ideas where a duo in music could also be a duo in-game. Like a game with a heavy music tie-in featuring Andre 3000 and Big Boi as both the voices of the characters and the musicians, as the characters perform songs for a gameplay thing.


They’re not exactly outside the video game industry because they’ve got a couple of songs (and a couple more if you count when they’re backing up Charles Bradley) on the Daptone radio station in Sleeping Dogs, but Menahan Street Band could probably soundtrack a pretty mean spaghetti western game. https://youtu.be/qJ-lpK_-D_o


i’d love a collaboration between house artists and a quick-movement, highly structural shooter like DOOM or SUPERHOT or PORTAL. playing SUPERHOT with my own house or trance soundtrack behind it always feels amazing


I really liked when their song on Sleeping Dogs would pop up, yeah. I would also really like Hypnotic Brass Ensemble to do a game OST.


Maybe not so much of a guest position, but a Joe Hisaishi/Fumito Ueda collab would be a dream come true


Reichi Nakaido, who did the music for Serial Experiments Lain, because he taught me that cyberpunk music doesn’t have to be Vangelis saxophones or Carpenter Brut synth.

I think I’d want him to score some kind of sci-fi adventure game.

(yes I know there’s a Lain PS1 game)

EDIT: Kind of off topic, but does anyone know if Nujabes did any game music before he passed away? Because man, that’d be a dream come true.


Oh shit, the Lain music is really good and different. I like the Lain sound design even more. Dunno if he also did that.

No, Nujabes never did an OST for a game except for the Samurai Champloo track “Battlecry” being present and licensed for the Samurai Champloo video game on PS2. I wonder how it would be to license a Nujabes track for a game; I don’t know who took over Hydeout Recordings after he passed, but it is still active. Check out his protege nitsua.


Deerhoof and the game I used to think the Persona games were.


I want a Platinum action game a la MGR: Reveangance, but with music composed by Iwasaki Taku.

I want to fight bosses to Ziel der Hydra at all times


whenever i play “podcast games” like Diablo 3 or some MMO, if it’s fantasy-based then i almost always have Earth playing in the background. it’s too perfect for all kinds of wooded settings and i’ve even used it as soundtrack in DnD campaigns


i know everyone loves the ost but i played DOOM (2016) listening to JLin on headphones and would love nothing more than for her to get tapped for the sequel


I would love any game with an Italo soundtrack but I don’t know exactly what that actual game would be


Run the Jewels in an action RPG?


The Sci Fi prog. thrash band Vektor released one of the greatest metal records of the 21st century last year named Terminal Redux. It was a concept record telling the story of an astronaut discovering the secret of eternal life, going insane and seeking to destroy the galaxy, only to having an existential epiphany in the end and realizing that taking his own life is the only way to stop the cycle of pain and torment permeating existence.

I would really like them to do the soundtrack to some sort of dark sci-fi game.


Platinum and Hideki Naganuma on a funky ass Bayo-like.


Probably my favorite artist that nobody seems to know is Whitetail and has worked on some small games but I’d love to see them be able to work on something with a bigger budget. A character action game (like Nier or El Shadai), scifi racing game (like Wipeout) or a platformer (2D or 3D). Honestly though there is basically no game idea that I wouldn’t be glad to see them work on. I really think they have a real good grasp of what kind of music fits for games but also likes to experiment with music genres. Also I just think their music is very good & unique.

Been listening to this probably three times a week for the past year.


Wu-Tang Souls!

Pretty self explanatory but I need 15 characters


I only thought you’d need 36 chambers?