Dreamhack Demo Thread

I figured it’d be nice to have a thread like the last Steamfest since it coincides with a lot of new demos available on Steam right now.


I’ll start off with a couple I tried out tonight:

Interesting crpg with the grimey/cyberpunk aesthetic thats familiar in concept, but with their own twist. Has turned based combat that makes it feel a bit more forgiving than something like Fallout 1.

An extremely minimal rhythm game that relies more on listening skills and intuition compared to most grid/visual based games I’ve played. It is filled with this really beautiful painted artstyle. The music is all instrumental so far and there seems to be a very loose story told through memories.

A fairly straight-forward puzzle platformer that uses shadows and perspective shifts to create one-off level challenges. It’s pretty easy, but the demo ending trailer shows off a lot of different mechanics that can create tougher permutations of puzzles.

This is weird one. This is a visual novel-eque experience where every choice you make (in the form of constellations) affects various aspects of the nearby tribe. You don’t always know how the person will take the advice and what the longer term repercussions be. Everything happens off screen, but the devs spend a lot of time building this little cave you spend all your time in. Every tribe member also has very distinctive artstyles and personalities that you see one at a time.


I tried out Catizens

Not a whole lot to say about it other then the description is accurate. It’s like RimWorld but with cats. Not as many systems are in it and it’s not as good looking arguably but it has charm. Still rough around the edges but haven’t run into anything game breaking.

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I’m really intrigued by this one. Survival text adventure in a grimdark world. If you enjoyed reading The Road (macarthy) and wanted that tone in a fantasy setting, then this will be fore you. Lovely aesthetic, but the graphics are extremely minimal. The visuals tend to be static or will flesh out as you explore more stuff. Has some occasional old school text adventure keyboard input situations, but its mostly multiple choice dialogue/actions and bonus actions based on your build.

Grotto is… fascinating. I have concerns about some of its undertones regarding tribes, but it is such a cool idea and really intellectually stimulating. Definitely gonna be on my radar.

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