Dreams - your very own movie while you sleep


So what dreams you had recently?
Last dream I had was me with arm powers from ARMS fighting the other character from the game in a dark void.


First of all: thank you for shirking the cliché of “the most boring thing is people describing their dreams to you,” cos I love when people do that!

Second of all: rarely do I have game-related dreams, but I did wake up in the middle of last night after a nightmare involving a homeless man attacking me with his large rusty pole-spike arms, which I now realise was my subconcious swiping some dubious monster design from 2004’s The Suffering??


I have been playing Bloodborne for the last month or so. All my gaming is within an hour or two of going to bed so that game has had a MAJOR influence on my dreams/sleeping.

  • After I beat the first major boss (Papa G) I dreamed I was a werewolf who could jump from building to building like Spider Man

  • I have a recurring dream where Snatchers emerge from my walk-in closet but I use the light from my cellphone (?!) to send them back to the darkness

  • I have two children, I have many dreams where the youngest one is crying the cry you hear after you defeat Rom. This one has actually made me wake up in a sweat.

  • While working through Forsaken Castle Cainhurst I dreamed I was … like a noir private eye Ghostbuster? And I had to solve crimes by busting ghosts? Which, now that I think about it, is conceptually kind of rad.

  • Snakes. Fucking snakes everywhere, man.


I had a dream last night where someone vacuumed my pool. It was so dope.

I also don’t have a pool.


I recently dreamed that I was suddenly fired in the middle of my shift. Needless to say I woke up feeling more than a little rattled and anxious.

Not recent, but neat: up until a few years ago I repeatedly dreamed of a shopping mall that I’m sure doesn’t exist (or if it does I haven’t been to it). It had a dope movie theatre that played current and classics, a really cool movie/game memorabilia store next to it, and a book store with some now-unlisted editions of certain graphic novels. Its layout was so consistent that if you gave me a pencil and some paper I could draw the basic layout of its main floor. The last time I “visited” it, the mall seemed to be in disrepair.

A funny note: it was accessible from the third floor of Rideau Centre, an actual mall in downtown Ottawa. But its entrance was located where the skyway crossing over Rideau Street is, so technically that mall would be both suspended in midair and overlapping with the Bay department store across the street.


Oh man
Bloodborne gave me nightmares for weeks after I started playing it; it might not have been as scary a game as some other horror I’ve played, but its creature designs were far more acute nightmare fuel.


I had a dream where I was assigned the job of distribution soup flavour packets for instant ramen for a bunch of people, randomly. To make things more interesting, bills of money was added by some people so that some people will get free money as well. There was strangely a large number of $1 bills in the pile, which don’t exist here in Canada.

I shuffled the soup flavour packets then left the table for a bit for some reason. I got back and started distributing, but I noticed that the money was missing. When I got back to my seat, I noticed the person beside me stole the money.

And that was basically the end of the dream.


a couple nights ago I woke up annoyed at my dad because I dreamt he was trying to get me play French Horn for the congregation and seemed unaware that I had no idea how to play French Horn. later we couldn’t get the projector at the church to stop showing an adult cyberpunk cartoon.

last night I dreamt I was doing VO lines for a Valkyria Chronicles sort of game set in what seemed to be the Star Trek universe. specifically I remember a character who was some sort of Star Trek Barbarian who had torn her uniform into a sort of a sleeveless over the shoulder number, I remember questioning whether the uniform she had made sense with the timeline as it was the black with colored shoulders design but everyone else was in the black shoulders. in retrospect maybe she was a cadet. one of her voice lines which I ad libbed was “welcome to the club” because she hit people with a club.
I can trace most of that dream back to things I’ve been doing lately and frankly it was a relief because I watched Get Out for the first time yesterday and I was really concerned it was going to ruin my night.


It really got into my brain in a way I didn’t expect, for sure. The claustrophobic level designs, too, have really been … impactful.


I had a dream where I was going with my dad on some sort of annual doctor’s visit. I went into a stairway, but then got lost with a number of different passages. There, I as I was wondering around, a man told me that he knows something about my dad and to pass the message to him. I was confused, but as I went up the stairs, I found my dad, although without his glasses. He was talking to someone else.

I got angry at him, and wanted to yell at him about family history, but I kept quiet. Eventually, he stopped talking with the other person and when he turned to face me, he put his glasses back on. At this point, I told him about the man and the message he asked to pass on. My dad appeared confused, but then I wondered if that man simply knew us because we came here annually.

We arrived at the doctor’s, just outside, and I was really tired so I went to rest on the bench, I ended up falling asleep, but as I woke up, I appeared to have gotten onto some sort of sleeping bag or bed ontop of the bench. My dad told me it’s okay to sleep, but I decided I didn’t want to and sat up. There was a television screen and I decided to look at it. My dad had some sort of contraptions with pins in them and pierced my ears with them. My dad said it was good to pierce my ears, but it hurt. I fiddled with the contraption, but then it fell apart, and I realized it wasn’t my ears that hurt, but my teeth. My top teeth were clacking with a loose teeth on the bottom row at the very back. As my dad got the contraption again, parts of the loose tooth shattered, and I pried them out of my mouth. I managed to pull my tooth out of my mouth and put it into my hand. There were some women who were passing by and my dad were helping them with something as this happened.

There was still a rear tooth loose in my mouth as I realized that the doctor’s place I was at was a dentist. I was confused as what was going on as I pulled the next tooth out, then the next tooth, then the next tooth. As I woke up from the dream, I could still feel the teeth in my mouth having been pulled out.


I rarely remember my dreams, but one that’s always stuck with me was one where me and a friend of mine were riding an El train in a city (I would have to assume New York or Chicago, but it was pretty much non-descript), just sitting next to one another like Chihiro and No Face in Spirited Away. The train stopped, people got on, and then sped through the red signal and we crashed.

Oh and everything was black and white except the sky. It was red.

I have Sin City dreams.


I have a very hard time remembering my dreams. I might have a very elaborate dream and know it was elaborate, but the minute I wake up I don’t remember any of the details. Or I’ll remember one or two but nothing beyond that.

(I’m always a bit jealous of people who remember their cool dreams. The only ones I ever manage to remember are the ones that are Super Stressful.)


I remember hearing about how we remember our bad dreams since it recreating our life but the really good dream we will always forget since we got into a good deep sleep.


I remember one good dream, two bad dreams, and one really weird dream from my childhood.

My two bad dreams both happened when I went to Japan, so my remembering it was probably jet-lag related.


hmmm interesting. That would probably explain why i never remember anything. I sleep like the dead.


I had a dream about playing a Kirby game in a falling-block puzzle game. I controlled Kirby and tried to defeat bosses while in a falling-block puzzle game stage. It was the Super Smash Bros. version of Kirby(Or alternatively, Kirby with the Smash powerup from Amazing Mirror)…


This wasn’t a recent dream, but I had a dream once that was essentially me watching a movie.

:movie_camera: The movie starred Vin Diesel and Matthew Perry as “odd couple” buddies who had to survive and defeat a haunted house inhabited by an ectoplasmic tentacle ghost(s). Unfortunately I wasn’t able to transcribe the script in the morning so I don’t remember a lot of the details, but there was at least one scene of Perry’s character being waved through the air by the monster, cracking wise while pleading for Diesel’s character to save him. The “film” had many tense moments, peppered through with humor.

Occasionally I have other dreams like this, where I am not in the dream or participating in the dream, I’m just an observer as scenes play before me. Is that unusual? Are y’all always participating in your own dreams?


I had a weird dream last night, where I gained entrance to some sort of organization? The details are fuzzy.

But the meat of it was I was entering a lecture hall with thousands of “people”, while the speaker was talking about pens and font colours. They asked someone what their favourite pen was and they said “blue”, they the speaker showed a slide filled with blue letters and symbols I couldn’t recognize and said “so something like this.” Then they switched the slide revealing writing with white letters and said “what about this”, and then everyone around me started screaming.

Now I’ve had this dream before or at least this part of it (in my dream I literally thought “I had a premonition”). Basically at some point the speaker will say something, and the crowd will recognize I’m not one of them, turn around and reveal they have no faces. So when everyone started screaming I booked it out of the building and ran to my car. I woke up before I could make it.


I have similar dreams, I really had an attachment to the now closed-down mall that I used to work at, and I’ll have dreams from time to time about revisiting it before everything closed down during the recession. It’s all rubble now, unfortunately.


So my last night was weird. Probably gonna need to give a CW for needles and blood stuff.

Earliest part if the dream I remember was your standard “you’re in school again” bollocks, nothing to write home about. But at some point it transitioned into a snowy Dark Souls game. It was apparently themed around some sort of Hollow Cult who would leave you alone if you had a torch lit in their territory. I briefly explored a small burned down house without incident, then moved on.

Then the “playable” aspect of the framing got dropped. I was physically carrying a small match in place of the torch I needed to placate the hollows, while extremely cautiously entering a much larger, fortress-like area, in the dead of night. Honestly, the atmosphere was awesome. Proud of my subconscious for it’s presentation skills. But obviously the match went out despite my struggles, and triggered a cutscene of the place going on lockdown, including a gate on the other side of the area being locked by two Taurus Demons.

Then it cuts to a large open area inside the camp. One of the hollows is handed a bucket. The hollow takes the bucket, lights it aflame, and poars it over it’s head. It grins. I realise I control this hollow. Naturally I head towards the exit, walking through a camp of hollows with blue gemstone eyes, fascinated by the fire all around us. Once I reach a certain point, the hollows stop grinning. They turn to face me, a look of horror on their faces, and scream. I don’t react, or rather, my character doesn’t react. I know now there’s a disconnect between me and this hollow. Another hollow comes over and carries the one I was playing as bridal style, speaking softly about something being wrong with it. This calms the other hollows. Not the one it’s carrying, evidently, as it screams like the others were doing. So the one carrying it mutters an “oh dear”, and removes the top half of it’s head.

Jump cut. I’m apparently me again, because I’m tied to a table in a similar camp, in first person, and I’m afraid. I think I try to run, but am taken back to the table. A man, a leader if sorts, explains somewhat. This is some sort of cult involving the transferring of blood from person to person, nothing to do with the fire loving hollows, which I see now are outside this new, more modern encampment. I’m now behind the gate that the two Taurus Demons closed in the cutscene. There were a lot of details in the man’s speach, but I can’t remember them. I resisted of course, and what followed was an exchange of blood with some other “patient” through needles. Blood was being stored in panels with hexagonal designs on them. People would extract blood, and inject it into one of the hexagons on on one of these panels, then extract it later, and inject it into someone else.

Naturally, everyone subject to this was extremely sick. This was clearly a creepy pseudo-science cult and not some magical world where this shit actually did something. I ended up having to be restrained by the leader man from earlier. We were attracting attention. I convinced another man that the blood exchange was making him sick, but before he could help he was subdued by a large bond-style henchman. This resulted in a fight. It was quite confusing, but someone on a balcony directly above us was firing a powerful laser down at us, and the fight was mostly everyone trying not to get hit while pushing their opponent into the laser. I couldn’t really tell who was fighting who.

But the end result was that the leader man was killed. This sent the entire camp into a rage, until a disembodied voice apparently reminded them all that they were still in charge.

And that’s all I got. It was creepy as Hell, but man, what a ride. Of note: At some point towards the end The Doctor from Dr Who was there, played by David Tennant, and they were being described similarly to John Hurt’s War Doctor, with lots of references to a sword. I’ve no idea when that happened specifically, or it’s relevance. Very odd.