Dumb Dream Game that will NEVER HAPPEN!


…(With maybe the exception of a fan game release). But I’m talking big E3 Stage announcement. As much as people use it as a cheeky excuse to play dress up in a game where such a concept should be laughed at, I really want to play a Fashion Souls game. Extra points if developed by From Soft. There just aren’t enough action games where you have to impress or stun your enemies with style points or befriend allies with trendy points. It’s just a game that needs to exist and we know there’s already an active player-base. What impossible dumb dream game would you want?


I would play that but only if it was called Dark Vogues


Half Life 3
Fromsoft Metroid
Conker’s Bad Fur Day 2


Psvr Katamari game where you use the move controllers to roll stuff up. A+ arm workout.


Warioland 5

I can’t think of anything else right now


The Spore that could’ve been :((


The Fighters of the Storm easter eggs in Hanamura’s arcade in Overwatch make me wish that Radiant Entertainment, the developers of the now cancelled Rising Thunder, were bought by Blizzard instead of Riot.

Or Blizzard worked with Iron Galaxy to make a fighting game considering Killer Instinct is unlikely to get a 4th season. Or, hell, just work with Capcom or Arc Sys. Or, really, anyone as long as it came out looking like this.

I’m such a huge nerd for Warcraft and Overwatch is a great new franchise for Blizzard, but Heroes of the Storm is just not my cup of tea. A Blizzard fighting game tho? I would play the everloving shit out of that game and it would save me from this rut I’m in when it comes to enjoying fighting games rn.

Ever since I saw this in the Overwatch beta, I’ve been fantasizing about characters and their movesets and playstyles and what mechanics would a game like this use in a 2D fighter and ARGH just make it Blizzard!


I want a game on the scale of Grand Theft Auto 5, but with the building destruction of Red Faction Guerilla, and it’s about a 2012-the-movie-scenario where every natural disaster is happening at the same time and you have to get out. Cars thrown around by tornados, earthquakes bringing entire buildings down, meteors falling from space, massive floods. Basically the end of the world.

I think it’s probably impossible on any hardware in any kind of reasonable graphical fidelity.


@Devour Man, I am terrible at fighting games and have sort of written off getting into a new one ever again, but if Blizzard actually put out a fighting game, I might actually change my mind. The Kerrigan sprite in those shots was enough to get me intrigued. I feel like this is how these things get started with Blizzard. Maybe it’ll happen!

For me, I’d love to just hear about a new Metroid game. I consider it a dumb dream because I feel like it’s been long enough now that I’m just never going to see a new game in that series.


The Dark Souls/From Software MMO.
Universe of Starcraft. (The third person shooter starcraft version of WoW.)
Blood Wake 2.
Crimson Skies 2.

OH, shit. You said Dumb dream game?

VR Kaiju game asymmetrical pvp. One player in VR is throwing planes, at tanks, both of which are being piloted by players defending the city.


Star Citizen, but will actually finished. (And also full-blown city-planets etc with millions of npcs that you can itneract with realistically and choose to wipe out if you’re an asshole and the act echoes across the universe so everyone knows what you did - or you decide to help a planet flourish and etc)

Dark Souls style game with Looney Tunes style dynamic music and traps and big ol’ hammer weapons. ACME all up-ins.

The first one’s super greedy, but the latter could be done. Someone do it. Someone won’t. ):


A Persona game that doesn’t immediately put it’s foot in it’s mouth in regards to queer relationships, or do whatever the fuck they were thinking with the teacher/student relationship in P5.

Love the aesthetic, not a fan of the other things.


I really want a Pokemon MMO with all the regions connected together where players start in a random town or city. Being able to truly have different parties from other players makes the game feel more unique to me. No starters, you have to catch your first pokemon & all can be found in the wild except maybe legondaries.


for a while now, i’ve wanted a wrestling management sim that focuses on creating storylines and gimmicks. hire a new wrestler! make them look like a robot pirate! watch them get injured and realise that you now have to re-write the event you spent six in-game months building up to!


Gather round ye folks, 'cos I got a ton of these, but none more dumb and dreamy than Dark Souls Warriors.

You’d play as various NPCs and bosses of the series, and you could honestly approach it in so many different ways. Personally I’d have it as dumb, super upscaled bombastic versions of the games’ stories. Like, Chosen Undead breaks out of the Undead Asylum in a huge prison riot, storms Lordran with an army of shitty hollows, and accrues more and better mooks and generals as they recruit bosses and enlist covenants. The story would be like the complete antithesis to the tone of the series and REVEL in that stupidity.

There’d be contrived excuses for none of the bosses you feel sad about killing in the main games to die so they can join your team. NPC questlines will have inexplicably happy endings. Covenants will be presented more like the dumb versions of them the fans invented, like the stupidly happy and valorous Sunlight covevent, and the bunch of fucking nerds that want to be Dragons.

You’d have a proper in depth customisation system for a player avatar too, with weapons and armour etc. and you could customise your army too, designating it’s unit composition based on some sort of simple limit(just so you don’t pack it full of strong-ass units and have to bring along a ton of shitty naked hollows to balance them out), and choosing where to deploy units at the start of a battle. Have it so you can set standard equipment for each of the units too.

So you could have 10% of your army be Silver Knights(recruited from completing Anor Londo) equipped with Sunlight Straight Swords, 30% Balder Knights(from beating the Belfry) with Fire Infused Balder Side Swords and Balder Shields, and the last 60% as shitty hollow knights from the Undead Burg but with greatswords. Then Head the army yourself with your own custom equipment, with Ornstein and Smough backing you up. Storm the Duke’s Archives.



Alternatively, just give me Bionicle Warriors.


Smash Bros with the Subspace Emissary style story again, but the characters actually talk (except for like Mario and stuff I guess), and it includes all the third party characters they’ve had.
Actually, maybe the whole game is just the story mode, and it plays differently to smash bros, too.


I really, really, really wanna see a big, open-world stealth rpg, with like, Fallout: New Vegas style factions and roleplay opportunities. You’d play as a character who’s combat options are limited, and most of your interactions with hostile NPCs are hiding from them in fear. I’m not entirely sure if this is possible, but it also kinda sounds like it might already exist in some form.

Also, I second the desire for Fashion Souls.


I don’t care what anyone says, Subspace Emissary was the best crossover of all time.


SimAnt X From Dust

I want to move a river right on top of the red ants and flood their whole dumb colony. That’ll teach 'em to mess with the black ants!