Dwarves in 'Dwarf Fortress' Are Unionizing

Dwarf Fortress's latest update brings villains with dastardly plots, fortune telling and aquifers that don't immediately kill you. It also gives Dwarves labor guilds. Solidarity forever.

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Don’t sell the guilds’ political power too short, apparently my fortress’s parent civ is some form of hybrid between feudalism and agrarian socialism???

(note: I have no idea if this happened due to guild activity, all I know is that the animal caretaker’s guild is all-powerful in my fort due to the fact that my migrants all seem to be a 90/10 split between animal caretakers and herbalists)

(send help)

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I would have loved a link in the article linking to where the game can be found / downloaded.

Also is that what DF looks like now or a mod / graphics pack?

/r/relationship_advice: My (26F) dwarves (112M) (140F) (50F) (100M) (30F) (90F) (80F) (80M) (69M) (135F) are unionizing,


I can’t love this post enough

bay12games.com/dwarves is where the game can be downloaded. Those screenshots are using a graphics pack. If you’re looking to get into the game dwarffortresswiki.org is a great resource. Also, if there’s one utility I recommend anyone use it’s Dwarf Therapist, DF’s biggest problem is its obtuse UI in general and for managing dwarf jobs specifically, even the weirdos like me who play with the stock ASCII-esque art swear by it.

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To be specific, the screenshot at the top is from the upcoming release with Kitfox Games. As @LaserJesus said, you can download tons of graphics packs and resources. I highly recommend using a “Lazy Newb Pack”, which, despite its derisive name, actually makes the game much more approachable.

Gita actually wrote this back at Kotaku:

This update is incredible. I need to sink some more time into Dwarf Fortress again. One of these days, I will build a fortress that is not immediately overthrown by a were-gecko attack or a goblin siege. One of these days.

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Look, I just got back into Oxygen Not Included. But y’all got me wanting to make another fortress that does nothing but make epic roasts and barrels of the best beer you ever tasted.
At least until those pesky goblins start invading. I was never good at defending my poor farmers and cooks.