Dynasty Warriors 9 is a monumental letdown

The only thing I can speak positively about the game is the attack animations in the characters and the new designs. That’s 2% of the game. The other 98% is bad. Real bad. You know what’s great? Fighting historical battles. You know what isn’t? Traveling the real world distance in a virtual world required to get to that battle. The UI is a mess. There are no fun modes. You get 3-4 characters to start with, and unlocking others is a goddamn mystery. Koei Tecmo has completely fucked this up and I am deeply disappointed.

It’s a real shame. I’m a big, big ROTK fan and I was really looking forward to this, but I guess I’ll just play DW8XL instead since I never actually got around to that.

At least it’s got people talking about Dynasty Warriors again!

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Yeah, I was kind of afraid this would happen, nothing Koei has ever done inspired confidence they could pull off an open world, I mean Dynasty Warrior games don’t exactly have Assassin’s Creed sized budgets.

Hopefully they’ll release an Empires or Xtreme Legends or Empires version of 9 where they fix the problems, instead of just skipping straight to Dynasty Warriors 10: Back in the Habit of Releasing the Same Game Over and Over.

8XL, still really damn good.

I had incredibly high hopes.

My concern is that instead of addressing any problems they ever had in 7/8 recently, they just made up a bunch of new problems.

I was kind of surprised to see it was already out considering how large it was, but I guess I can kind of see why.

I was hopeful considering the work they did with stuff like Strikeforce and Dragon Quest Heroes 2/Spirit of Sanada towards building those kind of open world and rpg systems, but I guess they really really overextended themselves here.

do you think there’s anything they can build on here, or would that take so long that it’d be basically unfeasible considering the pace they develop at?

It really bums me out how poorly it seems DW9 has turned out. After how much time I had put into 7 and 8 I was really looking forward to this too :frowning:. Maybe I’ll still Gamefly it or something. Or maybe I’ll just look into one of the Empires games since I’ve never really tried one before.

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As someone who’s kind of peripheral to the series (play most of 'em a little, but never really got all that deep into it), that they managed this kind of misstep is just… puzzling, after having managed to have like, four really solid games in the style that each do something cool and sometimes new, they managed to completely mangle their core gameplay loop. Makes me wonder if they have something going on internally.

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I wanted it to be good, and I’m so disappointed it isn’t.

I was almost tempted to pick it up anyway, to scratch that itch- but I’ve heard terrible things about the pc port (as expected), which tipped me over the edge. The cloning also really killed it for me.

Played the series since 3, played a chunk of the spinoffs and other mainline games- they took my low expectations and still managed to hurl themselves under them. Not touching it with a barge pole.

No character creation which is one thing they took away from the normal games after giving it to us in DW4.
They have less horses then they did on dw4 as well, not to mention I cant ride tigers and elephants.

The new weapon system they made in dw7 blows I wish they would stop doing that shit.
It was my entire reason for stopping at dw6 empires which I still play til this day.

I will try dw8 xtreme legends but like I said the new weapons system ruins it for me.

I bought dw3 the day it came out and have been doing that since atleast til they gave me that bum ass dw7 bs. I mean seriously, most their fans are already twice the age they were when dw2 came out, they gots to know that. So why keep giving us this childish shit, I don’t need all the bright lights just to know my blade is poision, I’d much rather have to make a poison blade. And I would be fine with not knowing whos weapon goes to who after a while if they didn’t randomly spawn some whole other weapon out of know where just to do one move. Why not make moves unique to the weapon rather than the characters if they gonna do that shit?

Horses need a complete overhaul, so does the dialog, the voices, the outfits o.o like seriously, how do they expect me to believe that the god of wars daughter was a bimbo baddass with a big ass who knows what that used to belong to xiahou dun or however its spelled.

they should’ve went with a more realistic approach on things if they were gonna make this awesome maps.

Ran into a panda bear the other day, surprisingly enough it didn’t eat me. Nope o.o not at all. Instead it rolled around on its belly a bunch of times until it shat out a few items for me then was off on its way to wreak havoc elsewhere I guess.

Ran into a tiger that actually managed to knock me on to an archers post, not the best way to lend a hand but hey.

also I was surprised to notice one major flaw…MY HORSES SADDLE CANNOT BE CHANGED! are you effin kiddin me?

its cool though, I still look forward to the empires that they better come out with and not fuck up.
as well as the awesome Orochi update that they better come out with.

If they were wiser they would just drop empires and xtreme legends and call em like dw empires 9/10/11 etc… rather than dw9/10/11 empires. If they just dropped those for a while and didn’t waste money on the normal games they would make a whole lot more profit because we all know with the ability to create warriors and create a horses, and should be tigers since they got to come up with random ass non existent tigers 2, and the ability to create an army and conquer the land, we’re buying it, that is if you like that kind of stuff.but the way things are now people are taking their games back to the store and shit, pretty soon people will be afraid to try and sell their games. Its a shame to cuz I got love for the franchise I grew up with it, but it dam sure didn’t grow up with me. I’m tired of having faith that they will do this and that when really they just throwing me for loops, took em over 10 years to let us create horses that’s a shame. Open world is always something I looked forward to and they fucked that up 2 like man, I believe this game could be fixed with a ton of dlc tho as long as they did the overhauls I just mentioned as well as a few others.

a complete wildlife overhaul, the ability to swim under water and fighting in the water,wayyy more people on the roads and in the villages and wayyy more unique people to meet, the ability to find wild horses and of course the ability to recruit other wild animals, ways to put armor on them as well, like armored tigers and bears as well as ridable ones, even an armored buck would be tight,
wild snakes would be more realistic, if red dead 2 could pull it off I’m sure they can 2, I’m on xbox one x gaddamit AI should be far better than this and so should the graphics I mean, this game is like the best worst game ever that I ever heard of. I cant believe I actually managed to complete a story mode without calling them up to complain. Like seriously tho, I want my money back, From this day forward I refuse to buy any more DW games unless they are empires or xtreme legends, preferably empires. wew, that was a load off thanks.

it needs a metric shit-ton of fixes that I don’t think they’ll do because it’s not monetarily worth it.

If it weren’t for the cloned movesets, DW9 would be the best in the series. If they continue to follow the same pattern of past DW releases, the next game will have many more unique movesets, and will be the best in the series.

If you don’t like the in-game commute, then fast travel. If you don’t like exploration at all, sorry chief but maybe this series isn’t for you anymore. Go play All-Stars, or wait for the new Orochi. Or hell, play Total War: 3 Kingdoms when it comes out. It’ll probably be a lot more accurate than the DW series anyhow