E3 cancellation rumors

There’s a lot of rumors tonight about E3 being cancelled. Much of it stemming from a tweet from Devolver. Thought there should be a place to aggregate and discuss them here.

Jason Schreier came out stating he’d had 2 2nd hand sources suggesting it, and normally wouldn’t go ahead on just that, but it seems Devolver breaking silence has started to bring momentum. I saw some word that the conversation going on is around wording of an announcement to be made tomorrow morning, but given the amount of speculation they might announce early.

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Oh wow. How’s this for a scoop? :rofl:


Well conventions already don’t have the best hygiene reputation. Nevermind during a pandemic. I’ve heard of other conferences being cancelled as well. Maybe they’ll all go full Nintendo Direct style and do digital presentations or just drop the marketing materials on YouTube or Twitch.

My computer science advisor always said that the two industries on the forefront of technological advancement are the video game industry and the porn industry. Anyway.

A Scoops and Schreier duet: https://twitter.com/patrickklepek/status/1237559294041575424?s=20

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per GameSpot

Every publisher and platform holder could probably just hit play on a streamed presentation from their official Twitch/YouTube channels at around the same week and see no dropoff in media visibility for all their announcements. That’s likely why the ESA have been so hesitant to cancel the physical event.


“goodbye felicia”

Press F to pay respects, I guess. E3 stopped having any hold over me around 2008 for obvious reasons, and attendance has been steadily decreasing to my understanding of things. I’m absolutely not sad to see it go. No Fs here.

E3 began with Sony dropping the PS1 (and Nintendo having Killer Instinct tattooed line dancers) and E3 is gonna end with Sony dropping E3.

Who would have thought it would have been the Coronavirus that killed E3?

At the start of the year, I thought even if there was no E3 you’d still have Geoff Keighley in a parking lot near the LA convention centre with a camera crew and a couch bringing us the hottest video game annoucements.

But even Keighley walked out of E3.

If we get more nintendo direct styled videos that’s a plus. Just going to miss the GB aftershow. Still think they should do a version of the showfloor in VR.

But I don’t think the pandemic is why they’re cancelling it but rather that’s the face-saving reason they get to use.

I think they’re waiting for the city of LA to order it cancelled for insurance reasons.

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E3 is a bacchanalia of capitalism. A week-long commercial whose loudest voices just reinforce the creative bankruptcy wired into a system that views risk as being inversely proportional to profit, and the pursuit of profit at all costs. People get ground into dust making it happen. People get ground into dust covering it. It probably should have died as soon as Nintendo figured out how to do it better.

I’m…going to miss it.


Personally, I’m worried about what this means for the 2nd Annual Waypoint Videogame Drafting Season!


The Waypoint crew should still go and just hold it in the parking lot.


It’s official Gaming Christmas has been cancelled. Ganta is dead.

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I’m going to miss all of the “WILL FALL [CURRENT YEAR] BE THE GREATEST TIME IN GAMING HISTORY?” articles.

Despite all its issues it one of the rare moments when fans, developers, and media are all focused on the same thing. Big collective experiences like that are fun and increasingly rare these days.

Personally as a fan of Giant Bomb I’ll miss their live reactions and aftershows. It some of the best stuff they put out and the time we get to see Jeff Gerstmann’s brilliance as an interviewer.

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I do hope they find a way to do the yearly “State of the Xbox/Industry” interview between Phil Spencer and Jeff. It’s one of the best gaming-related things that happens all year.

If publishers do the “direct stream presentations around the same week” thing, I can’t imagine why Giant Bomb couldn’t host their usual E3 show, just in their area of California. Those publishers will probably want some sort of venue for their representatives to talk about future releases, and GB have consistently had that sort of thing with figures like Phil Spencer.

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