E3 Makes Me Want To Play Games That Already Exist


2017—and late 2016—already saw great releases. Nothing at E3 this year is as exciting as they are.

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I completely agree with the desire to go back and play old games. I’m really happy about that, actually. I feel like I’ve been drowning in new stuff to play since 2010, and in that time I’ve missed a bunch of great games or left them unfinished.

If I were a stronger person I would take a year off of buying games and focus entirely on my backlog.

But, you know, Destiny 2.


I’m all about harnessing the hype of marketing for new products to renew my excitement for things I already want to consume more fully.
I was disappointed that Mount and Blade: Bannerlord didn’t get much more than two gameplay videos (I was hoping for a release-date or some more details about the political simulations).
I just stopped watching E3 and started a new campaign of Mount and Blade: Warband. I forgot how much fun this game is.


I definitely get that, and felt it too. There are definitely a handful of games I’m really interested in from E3, but a lot of the things shown seem to pale in comparison to the types of games we’ve seen from these first months of 2017. And, like mentioned in the article, the Dishonored expansion trailer (as well as my love of Prey) finally pushed me to go back to the first Dishonored.


I think the big letdown for me was how so many of the big games shown at the pressers now seem stale given the games to have come out this year alone. BotW, Prey, Nier Automata, Dead Cells, PUBG and just way too many games in these last months have been doing interesting things with different approaches to genre or mechanics or story; or in PUBG’s case, bringing a genre to the mainstream. Most of these big AAA games shown at E3 just made me tired. Looking at Anthem I could just see in my mind the final game we get, and the objective markers all over the screen and huge piles of grey loot scattered on the ground and groups trying to optimize end-games. This was the same thing with so many other games too. Maybe I’m just lame and don’t like the current trends in so many AAA games shown at the pressers.