E3: PC Games show

The PC Games show is live and I though folks might enjoy talking about it while watching it.

I’ve never liked the new XCOM games so XCOM 2 expansion fails to interest me. The design feels like it streamlines too many of the nuances of the old games. Julian Gollop’s Phoenix Point looks a lot more like what I wanted from XCOM.

It’s too early for me to watch a 10-minute interview about a Halo-y expansion for XCOM 2.

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I saw a trailer for ooblets a lil while back; it still looks cute.

The jogging animation is perfect.

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The Ooblets are adorable and I would like one as a pet

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Battletech looks like my jam. Ready for this to be out. Also gotta penetrate to get to those juicy bits!

Is that all they are showing of Bannerlord??!!
I was hoping for a release-date if nothing else.

Battletech is a strategy mech game made by Harebrained Schemes and published by Paradox, so I’ll probably adore it. Ooblets looks cute as heck, too.

Companies need to stop putting people with no charisma on public stages. I can’t tell you anything the current guy talking about “content” because I have no reason to remember any of it.


Me, 5 minutes ago: “I don’t know if I need to play another game like Dark Souls or Hyper Light Drifter”

Me, after watching the Tunic trailer: “THAT FOX HAS A TINY LITTLE SHIELD!!!”


I love the look of Wargroove, very Advanced Wars and I dig the thought of a game like this having a level editor. I could have a lot of fun with that.

Wargroove seems very exciting. I hope the editor gives the game more replayability than something like a Fire Emblem.

It feels like a great time for a game like this considering how easy it should be to make and share campaigns/maps online.



AoE1 remake :D! YAES!

“Windows 10”

Well, I’m out.


Please Microsoft, my crops are dying.