E3 Watching guide?

So I’ve been trying to keep up with Waypoint’s E3 coverage, and am kind of lost and confused? In the podcast feed there’s episodes talking about EA and Microsoft’s press conferences, and then an episode about Sony and Microsoft’s events, and then a separate episode talking about Sony stuff?? and then on the youtube channel are videos about Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony’s conferences, and then a Day 1 recap, and as far as I can tell all those videos are totally different recordings from what’s in the podcast feed. Basically, is there just one place I can go to see everything the Waypoint staff has recorded of themselves talking about E3?

Why, yes! That would be the current front page banner article: https://waypoint.vice.com/en_us/article/waypoint-at-e3-2017

Definitely watch the original series first; the Rebuilds of E3 really lose a lot of the emotional subtlety

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As a general guide: work through them in chrono order. Either videos or podcasts. Some of the (longer) videos have been split into multiple podcasts for ease but were recorded at once. Stuff seems duplicated bc they cover the conferences after attending/watching, but then say Sony come back again now general E3 has opened (which is also what ‘Day 1 recap’ is referring to - day 1 of actual E3 not just press stuff) and they’re able to get on the event floor and visit companies to get more in depth looks at stuff that was announced in the conferences. Hope this helps!

Oh also: it looks overwhelming but like, the Devolver Digital episode of the podcast is only 11 minutes long. It’s just been split for clarity I think. If you just want all the podcasts, they’re here: https://waypoint.vice.com/en_us/topic/podcasts?topic_id=57a20668c7b46bdf252e6901

This is useful to an extent; doesn’t help that the podcast feed doesn’t line up, some of the podcasts are actually two videos, but then on the youtube channel the videos are out of order.

It’s arranged strangely. Rationally, the chronology of the E3 coverage shouldn’t matter this much but it’s driving me nuts to the point of not watching/listening to any of it until I can figure out the correct order.