EA and Ubisoft Imagine a Future Where Gaming Is Your Literal Job

Over the past week or so, all the desperate flailing about the so-called "metaverse" took a step forward as major video game companies like Ubisoft and EA announced their belief to investors that NFTs and blockchain tech are the future of the industry. 

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The idea of toiling away at some mediocre, outdated collectathon in Ubisoft’s crypto mines (incidentally, the same company with an ongoing lawsuit regarding their neglect and enabling of a culture of sexual harassment and worker abuse) doesn’t sound particularly appealing, really.

But I won’t be surprised if a game of this nature did well with the cryptogamer crowd. Though I wonder, can the game run at a crisp 60 FPS, 4K if most of the graphics card is being dedicated to the crypto bit?


The only gaming company I will accept NFT’s from is Sega and only if it results in the return of the Chao garden.


With the power of Crypto Optimized DLSS!

…I hope this doesn’t become true.

There’s a part of me that thinks the idea of all of these crypto-centric games looking like bad PS1 games to not hog the graphics card is karmic retribution.

But yeah, unlocking the Adjective Weapon of Verb in Ubisoft’s NFT-powered “Dungeon Mania” whose only “unique” characteristic is a color defined by whatever integer the NFT coughs up sounds about as appealing as a trip to the dentist.


It’s combining the worst, most abusive aspects of pay2win microtransaction/gacha/lootbox games with the environmentally destructive power of NFTs.

No thanks, fuck this, fuck you Yves for even suggesting it.


Not just Yves, sadly. Everybody’s looking at it with $$$$$$ in their eyes. The only thing that I find encouraging about this is that EA said the same thing about Star Wars games and we saw what didn’t happen


For them it’s a win-win, they only have to make your life so crappy than even a PS1 exploitative gambling game will look like a form of relief.

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I really don’t think Ubisoft and EA are at the forefront of the future of gaming. Future of monetizing gaming? Sure.


Ubisoft’s usually the first company into the fray when a new technology drops but real software innovation happens elsewhere.